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Unobtanium Coin

Introduction on the Unobtanium Coin

Unobtanium Coin is one of many cryptocurrencies on the market. More and more cryptocurrencies are populating the modern market of online transactions.

Since its inception, Unobtanium (UNO) has been a safe and fair currency. It has been stable for years and offers its users the highest level of trust. The active community greatly strengthens Unobtanium.

Unobtanium Coin by the Numbers (02.02.2018)

Unobtanium has a current market capitalization of $23,465,306. The circulating offer currently amounts to 198,153 UNO and the daily trading volume of Unobtanium is $56,165 USD. Unobtanium currently ranks at #330 in’s mineable coins official ranking.

What are Unobtanium Coins?

The Unobtanium cryptocurrency is based on the proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm and stands for a fair and secure system. The exact algorithm is the proof-of-work SHA256. To ensure fairness, the company has developed a special mining and market introduction concept. This system helps to prevent potential inflation.

The capacity of Unobtanium amounts to 250,000 coins, of which 197,726 have already been mined. Special provisions are in place for this mining to ensure fairness, which is important to the company. The reward for the first 2000 blocks was 0.001 and every 100,000 blocks this reward is halved. The smallest reward is 0.0001 after being halved 15 times.

Miners can use the pools Multipool, Prohashing, ZPool or Cryptominer for Unobtanium.

What are UNO Tokens Used For?

Unobtanium tokens are mainly used as a means of payment by various dealers. However, they can also be easily traded on different platforms. The fair and secure distribution system keeps the inflation of the currency very low, which inspires confidence.

Unobtanium coins can be freely traded on various platforms such as Bittrex, Cryptopia, Bleutrade, C-Cex and CoinExchange.

The coins are kept in the Unobtanium Wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Android and Coinomi Multicoin are other wallets that can be used with Unobtanium.

Mining of the first 1000 blocks was relatively low, allowing users to prepare themselves well. The currency also has the ability to be as big as Bitcoin. Developers use a very secure blockchain that outperforms Bitcoin’s blockchain in speed and efficiency three times over.

Who is the Team Behind the Unobtanium Coin?

The currency was founded on October 13, 2013. The founder of Unobtanium is known as BLAZR2. He gives no information about price and prefers to remain anonymous. The former developer, Bryce Weiner, invested in this currency very early and had previously developed other cryptocurrencies.

He is well known and established in the crypto world. Weiner’s vision is to improve the world through cryptocurrencies and strengthen humanity. This vision is also pursued by Unobtanium, which is reflected in the extremely fair currency. The decentralized system is also very sensitive to safety and is very stable.

Unobtanium has no development funds, which is why only a little money flows directly into the company. A volunteer member of Unobtanium has been working to accurately track progress since the UNO was founded. Even in difficult times, he always stood behind Unobtainium and thus, inspired confidence in the cryptocurrency.


The Unobtanium coin is a very fair cryptocurrency, which is also considered safe and stable. The community behind the currency is very active and open to newcomers to the crypto world. Since the developers and founders are not very well known, the background of Unobtanium is somewhat unsure.

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