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Substratum Coin

What is a Substratum Coin?

Substratum Coin is an open-source network that wants to become the backbone of a decentralized Internet. The network allows you to obtain cryptocurrencies by renting your computer as a hosting server. You can also pay the network to rent someone else’s computer as a hosting server.

Do you want to earn money on unused bandwidth and storage? Substratum Coin is one way to do this. You can earn money while you sleep. The overarching goal of Substratum Coin is to develop an “open-source framework for a distributed network that provides free and unrestricted access to content for the new Web 3.0.”

The platform aims to solve the main problems of central access to the Internet, such as high costs, access restrictions and lack of international accessibility.

How does the Substratum network work?

The Substratum network is based on a worldwide collection of nodes. This network uses cryptography to deliver secure content everywhere, without the need for a VPN or the Tor browser.

The company also plans to revolutionize the hosting industry, with microtransaction billing-on-demand functionality. Microtransactions are facilitated by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. With Substratum Coin, anyone can become a web host in a decentralized Internet.

Unlike many blockchain-based technologies, the SubstratumNode relies on an intuitive user interface. Even if you have no experience with nodes, you can still earn money with Substratum.

The Substratum Coin

Anyone can earn the Substratum Coin (SUB) by turning his computer into a host. All you need is a web browser and a few clicks. By turning your system into a node, you can make money while you sleep.

Your address will work with the minimum system resources during the active hours, after which the node will run at a high speed. For each request serviced by your node, you will receive a microtransaction from the host in the Substratum Coin Token (SUB). You earn passive income and the user gets the host.

Everything can be configured with the settings application. For example, you can set how much your computer works, day and night. What does all this mean? The Substratum Coin wants to solve important problems with today’s centralized Internet.

Today our Internet is slow, expensive and centralized, and creates a tempting goal for hackers. Similarly, international barriers hinder people’s access to certain online content in certain countries. Companies have to operate servers and pay high costs in this area. For all these reasons, Substratum wants to demonstrate the benefits of a decentralized network for the whole world.

The advantages of Substratum

The most important features of Substratum include:

Usability: At present, almost anything associated with a cryptocurrency or a blockchain is difficult for ordinary users and requires a deep technical knowledge. Substratum would like to use its 10 years of experience with companies such as Apple to provide the best user interface. This approach encourages the introduction of a larger and more decentralized Internet.

Maintaining decentralized content: Substratum provides a platform for delivering decentralized content with a Mac, Windows or Linux application. This application is easy to install and operate and requires no technical expertise.

Encouraging users to deliver content: Substratum will encourage users to launch the network client on their machine and then reward them for using the Substratum Coin. The coin is issued to the owner through microtransactions.

Data protection, security and encryption: Millions of Substratum network users can securely encrypt and store content on the platform. Substratum uses advanced cryptographic algorithms embedded in artificial intelligence to ensure that all data remains secure.

Content, DNS and the minimum cost

Content storage and maintenance:

Substratum uses specially designed advanced compression algorithms and machine learning to connect the right subnetwork network computer and deliver content based on geolocation to the appropriate user.

Domain Name System (DNS), development tools and net neutrality:

The first version of SubstratumDNS will be a complex DNS server with AI support. It receives DNS queries along with the requester’s geolocation and then finds the next available Subnode based on that information. Substratum has an API and an SDK to promote development in a decentralized network. All websites and applications are distributed equally and fairly in a decentralized Internet.

There are no international barriers and the network offers minimal hosting costs:

Countries such as China have strict access barriers. The Substratum network eliminates the need for Internet users to use the Tor browser and other specialized software in some countries. With the help of Substratum, anyone can install a desktop client and access the remote Internet.

The Substratum network uses microtransactions. This makes no sense with traditional payment processing technologies, but blockchain technology makes microtransactions easy.


Here is the most important feature of the substrate technology of Substratum Coin:

The Substratum node:

The network members running the software for Substratum receive SUB coins. This is a process where a node can run in the background to get passive income from system resources. You receive money in microtransactions every time someone sends a request to your website.


Substratum allows each user to operate their own node that supports the decentralized Internet. Each host earns money based on the bandwidth it provides to the remote Internet, and the website operators can pay for hosts based on a particular bandwidth. The system is powered by microtransactions based on the currency of the Substratum Coin.

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