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Attestation Ledger

The content and design of the attestation ledger

An attestation ledger is an account book designed to provide evidence of individual transactions. Each transaction also represents a financial transaction that must be documented by ordinary accounting.

The evidence is always a receipt, such as a sales receipt, a bank statement, an invoice, a credit or a replacement voucher. In any case, any movement of money is recorded.

An attestation ledger is never the general ledger of a company, but a special business ledger to a single account. The individual account can be a bank account or an electronic commerce account, such as PayPal or a digital cryptocurrency wallet.

A separate ledger or cashbook must be provided for each account – an attestation ledger. It is important that each financial transaction is assigned exactly one document. Paperless money movements, such as transfers, are designated according to their purpose.

The purpose of the attestation ledger

This ledger acts as legal proof of all financial transactions within a business. The assignment of documents relating to the movement of money demonstrates proper management by the accounting department.

This proof is mandatory for the assignment of the tax declaration. It is needed to provide the tax office with sustainable proof of the accuracy of the tax return. This is mandatory for all commercial enterprises.

Exceptions are sometimes possible for special freelance work or small business owners. Expert advice from a tax consultant or the IRS can be very helpful. If you are unable to prove your business transactions properly, the tax office will probably launch an investigation into your affairs. This can lead to significant economic consequences.

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