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These coins are traded most often

Top 10 Coins

Which coins were traded most often in the last 24 hours? The answer to this question is not only interesting for statistic friends. It also reflects the mood of investors and points to current trends. We take a look at the top 10 performers (by trading volume) of the last 24 hours.


The position of the Stable Coins Tether should only surprise a few users. With a 24-hour volume of around USD 29.6 billion, tether clearly dominates in this valuation. The coin is pegged to the US dollar and is very popular with traders because of its low volatility.

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The world’s best-known crypto currency has a 24-hour volume of approximately 24.6 billion USD. The upward trend of the last few days has resulted in a higher trading volume and the jump over the USD 8000 mark has given a powerful boost to the FOMO machinery.


In the past 24 hours, Ethereum units worth approximately USD 9 billion have been traded. ETH lives up to its reputation of being the largest Altcoin also in these statistics. After the sharp price losses in 2019, Ethereum is gradually approaching the important USD 150 mark. The “Istanbul Update” and the “Muir Glacier Fork” were successfully completed. Now the focus is on the launch of “Ethereum 2.0” .


The “digital silver” has been traded in the last four most frequently in cryptospace. Currently the Litecoin exchange rate is at a value of approx. 50 USD. The 24-hour trading volume is approx. 4 billion USD.


EOS enjoys a good reputation, especially on the Asian market. In addition to this reputation, many investors are currently speculating on a rising EOS share price. At USD 3.18, the price is well below former highs.

Bitcoin Cash

A glance at the Bitcoin Cash chart reflects the spectacular bull run of the past week. Bitcoin Forks remain interesting this year as well. Due to the enormous price increase Bitcoin Cash even catapulted itself to position 4 on the crypto charts. Measured by the 24 hour trading volume, the coin is in 6th place.


Although Ripple has breached the $0.20 level and confirmed a new support line, the giant price jumps are still missing this week. A 24 hour trading session of approximately $1.6 billion confirms this trend. Ripple still has plenty of room to grow, and countless partnerships and unique technology could modernize the global payments sector from the ground up in the coming years.

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV is the top performer of the week. Price jumps of over 40% showed that volatility continues to exist in the cryptospace sector. In the cryptocharts Bitcoin SV even climbed to 7th place in some places, trading coins worth around 1.5 billion USD in the past 24 hours.


Justin Sun and the TRON project can continue to rely on convinced investors. With a Marcet Cap of about USD 1 billion, TRON is scratching at the door of the top 10 crypto currencies. Many traders see the coin as a highly volatile penny stock. Not infrequently, the TRON price exploded the most during bull runs.

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic completes the list of the top 10 coins (measured by 24-hour trading volume). The ETC price currently stands at USD 5.44. Due to another dip, the Altcoin is currently threatened with falling out of the top 20 (measured by the market cap).

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