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How the Teslacoin Drives Democracy

Teslacoin was created as a cryptocurrency to stand for freedom and democratic decision-making processes, like no other digital coin today.

While there are many people high in the financial sector with considerable power, this is a currency that remains accessible to everyone, including the everyday citizen.

There is every reason to believe that digital currencies will play a dominant role in future financial markets. Payments will likely be made via electronic transfers, with little to no processing time.

The Teslacoin is named after the pioneer of energy production, Nikola Tesla. At the end of the 19th century, Tesla developed a power plant that transformed the movement of water into electrical energy.

It was a milestone that laid a foundation block towards building a digital world. The Teslacoin aims to be another important building block for the world of tomorrow.

The reasons why cryptocurrencies are needed are just as complex as they are important. On one hand, there is concern about the ever-increasing level of surveillance by the state, which as a citizen, there’s hardly any chance of evading.

This applies all the more to payment transactions. For example, if you go to the supermarket and pay with a credit or debit card, all the details of your transaction is permanently stored.

The data can then be accessed by banks and tax offices. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies, such as the Teslacoin, provide freedom and independence from the state.

Tesla – A Name That Made History

Born in the Austrian Empire, Serbian-American, Nikola Tesla, quickly made history as one of the most important inventors throughout human history.

From the beginning, his speciality was electrical engineering, in which he was able to make considerable progress with his physics background. His vision was simple.

He set a goal to be able to supply every household with free electricity at some point in time. The developers of the Teslacoin have plans that are as equally ambitious.

They want to establish this cryptographic money as a global currency, making national borders and the exchanging of money at borders become a thing of the past.

In order to achieve this goal in just a few years, the coin’s concept was designed as simple as possible. For today’s internet users, it allows transactions to be carried out faster than imaginable.

Last but not least, an innovative Skrypt algorithm is used, which guarantees a high level of security for all types of payments. Security is another aspect that makes cryptographic currencies the means of payment for the future.

The blockchain is a digital chain that secures all transaction details, replacing the need for central servers.

The use of central servers is considered to be particularly susceptible to hackers, therefore, not safe and insecure. However, with this coin, anonymity and security are paramount.

The Current Market Capitalization of Teslacoin

Although cryptocurrency offers many opportunities, not every currency has to make investors high profits. In order to get an idea of the potential of a respective currency, many investors look at the market capital or market capitalization.

The market capital is the sum of the total number of available coins, multiplied by the current price per unit. The lower the value, the greater the impact that minor changes on the capital can employ.

In the case of this coin, the market capitalization is currently one million US dollars. Since this number is spread over many units, even a small capital investment can make a lot of profit.

For example, if someone invests a hundred euros today, they’ll receive an additional one hundred euros if the market capital doubles. Compared to other coins, the potential is enormous.

Other cryptocurrencies have long since reached a market capitalization of several hundred million or billions of US dollars. If more people discover the Teslacoin, this will probably have a positive influence on the daily turnover.

This in turn, often increases the market capital, which results in rising prices. The earlier an investment is made, the sooner it benefits from higher prices.

Who Can Purchase Teslacoins and How Can They Buy Them?

The interesting thing about this cryptocurrency is that it’s open to everyone. Anyone who has reached the age of 18 can purchase Teslacoins today.

The only requirement is to download a wallet and register at one of the numerous crypto exchanges available. A wallet is basically a deposit box, only it’s for cryptographic money and not securities.

In addition to Teslacoin, other digital currencies can also be stored in wallets. Downloading wallets can be done in just a few minutes on all current operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Trading with cryptocurrency is usually a fast and uncomplicated matter with a respective wallet. The administration and exchanging of money can be done without any previous knowledge.

In the end, everyone can participate in a project that has the chance to change the world in a sustainable way. In just a few years, it could be an everyday occurrence to pay with cryptographic money in retail environments.

A Summary of Teslacoin

Making an investment in Teslacoin is probably one of the easiest ways to participate in this exciting cryptocurrency project.

The digital currency is named after the legendary Nikola Tesla, who has gone down as in history as a genius in the energy sector.

Anybody who thinks that this currency is only for the elite is mistaken. Instead, anyone over 18 years of age can make an investment today. In an ideal case, huge profits are possible.

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