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Safe and fast at the same time – Shield Coin

Shield Coin is a cryptocurrency that delights its users with a whole host of innovative features, especially its speed. While remittance in other cryptocurrencies may take as long as a bank transfer, Shield’s process is rapidly completed. No matter where you are in the world, transactions are a breeze with this coin.

Most importantly, this coin is an extremely safe means of payment – it relies on the blockchain and other innovative security mechanisms. The blockchain is a digital chain that decentralizes the data of transfers of all kinds.

It replaces centralized large servers, which in the past were particularly vulnerable to attack by hackers and cybercriminals. Although it only became well known after the success of Bitcoin, the blockchain has quickly become a true success story.

Some experts even go so far as to compare the introduction of the blockchain with the invention of the smartphone. Without a doubt, digital money will change our lives forever. It is entirely possible that the majority of all transfers will soon be carried out with crypto money. To ensure the future security of Shield Coin, a team of developers is working around the clock, specifically on this aspect.

Ultimately, consumers will benefit most from a digital money revolution. The financial elite and many governments are responding in panic.

Important features and a comparison with other cryptocurrencies

The boom in the crypto field led to new currencies springing up like mushrooms. Many of them are very similar, which is why such coins with different characteristics stand out. Shield Coin is undoubtedly one of these.

It has a much higher scalability than other coins, and has a blockchain that has been reinforced with additional security measures. Thanks to this concept, cyberattacks can be defeated in the majority of cases.

Another advantage is the fact that Shield can be integrated into social networks. What can be achieved is this: more and more people are learning about this coin via social media and are, therefore, probably becoming more willing to risk an investment.

There’s one more thing that sets Shield Coin apart from other cryptocurrencies: no limit. The unlimited issue of coins can make the developers flexible. As a result, there will be no exposure to greater price fluctuations, because these can be compensated by the developers.

Shield undeniably has some similarities with nation-state currencies, such as the euro or the US dollar. Again, the central banks ECB and FED can intervene in emergencies and ensure stability.

Who can buy Shield Coin, and how?

The most important first: in order to acquire digital coins of this cryptocurrency, no special previous knowledge is required. Instead, this step is open to anyone over the age of 18 years.

Nevertheless, there are two prerequisites for investing in Shield Coin: registering on a crypto money exchange, where the purchase is carried out, and downloading an e-wallet. Wallets are depots created exclusively for cryptocurrencies.

There, the owner’s coins can be managed in the desired manner. Transfers to companies, acquaintances or business partners, the receipt of coins as well as the exchange into other cryptocurrencies are possible.

The latter is possible because wallets are usually created for every type of crypto money. If you already own crypto money, you can always exchange these coins for Shield Coins at your request. On the positive side, there are wallets for macOS and Linux, as well as for the Microsoft Windows operating system, so Apple users don’t have to worry about being left out.

The widespread use of smartphones has also ensured that more and more wallets are available for download as an app. The trend towards the smartphone is likely to increase in the future.

Market capitalization and the potential of this coin

A value that has an important meaning for many potential investors is the so-called market capitalization – it is the sum of the current coin price multiplied by the number of coins currently available.

Too high a market capitalization may be an indication that a cryptocurrency has already passed its zenith. In the case of Bitcoin, many financial experts believe that this point has already been reached.

However, it is likely that the market capitalization of Shield Coin offers room for improvement. It is worth more than $3 million, which, while confirming a stable market position, is unlikely to be its highest point.

People familiar with the coin believe that the value of this currency could even rise to tens of millions. Either way, investing in this crypto field is an excellent way to exploit the potential of the coin. Trading for private investors is not an obstacle, if only because the daily trading volume averages more than $100 million.

The verdict on Shield Coin

The motivated developers of Shield Coin are trying to change the world of finance permanently. They have designed a cryptocurrency that sets itself apart from the competition in many areas. This crypto money, for example, is unlimited, so the price can be stabilized at any time.

The level of speed and safety offered by this coin is unrivaled in today’s market. The value of the single coin and the market capitalization of the coin could both increase significantly in the future.

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