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Quantum Coin

What is a Quantum Coin?

Quantum Coin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies and digital investment markets are relatively small, compared to traditional financial markets. This makes it fairly difficult for bigger investors to participate actively in these markets.

One of the main reasons why investors are discouraged from entering the market is a lack of transparency in order books. Other reasons include a certain illiquidity and large market spreads. These circumstances mean that large investments don’t take place and the market is prevented from operating efficiently and effectively.

In addition, this encourages skepticism among traditional fund managers.

In order to support the rapidly expanding ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, a professional provider is required to ensure sufficient liquidity. Below, we’ll focus more on areas of faster and more stable growth of the market.

The Quantum Project

The main objective of the Quantum Project is to create a particularly high level of liquidity in the cryptographic and digital asset markets. This objective is to be achieved by creating a liquidity pool. The purpose of this pool is to integrate the community into an increasing number of different tokens.

This pool will be financed by providing Quantum Coins. Coins can be purchased on a primary market. The collected funds will be used to finance the project. Investors can then profit from the performance of the shares and trade the tokens on the secondary markets.

In order to ensure broad acceptance by potential investors, around one-third of all tokens were marketed early. This was marketed as part of a pre-sales phase. The advance booking conditions were published on the official website so interested parties could participate.

Both the start and end dates were announced to allow for sufficient transparency in the purchase of Quantum Coins. The money collected was then injected into the liquidity pool in order to increase liquidity reserves. This benefited both existing and future trading centers.

Quantum Coin

Quantum Coins were sold to investors as part of the advance sale stage. It was determined that the tokens would be distributed to investors within 30 days after sales were completed. The number of tokens was designed in a variable manner, ensuring distribution was decided on the basis of invested balance.

In addition to this, information via email was made mandatory. This ensured investors took all necessary measures to ensure a flawless transaction.

As part of the Quantum Project, it was decided that Quantum Coin would be sold at as many trading venues as possible. This provided investors with plenty of opportunity to sell it. The placement should take place immediately after the pre-sale phase has ended.

This will quickly increase the liquidity of the token. Furthermore, measures such as buy-backs, data evaluation and other market actions will be published on the project website.

In particular, the buy-backs play a special role in Quantum Coin. According to developers, capital created by liquidity pools is to be used for buy-back of tokens already sold. These tokens are then destroyed so that the remaining tokens have an increased value. These actions are carried out monthly and communicated on the homepage of the developer.

The destruction process of the Quantum Coin

According to the developers, all tokens purchased by developers during the buy-back program are to be destroyed. They can therefore never be used for trading. A so-called “black hole address” is used here. This address is also published on the project homepage and can be accessed in real time.

A transaction to this address eliminates transferred tokens and reduces token quantity. It is intended to increase the intrinsic value of the currency.

Here, a simple procedure is followed. As a first step, the community invests in the project and receives tokens in return. The proceeds are then transferred to the liquidity pool. This subsequently increases the liquidity of the cryptocurrency and digital investments.

If profits are realized through this process, repurchases are made on a monthly basis. Tokens that are sold as part of the buy-back will be sent to the black hole. They will then be eliminated so that the Quantum Coin tokens can never be traded again.

The liquidity pools within the Quantum Coin Project

The Quantum Project intends for around two-thirds of all tokens to remain in the hands of the liquidity pool. This target was agreed so that further development and improved liquidity can be guaranteed for the future.

The increased liquidity also accelerates the destruction process. This reduces token volume in the market at a sustained rate. In order to be able to convince in terms of risk management concerns, the developers rely on a sophisticated model of assessment.

This is designed to massively reduce the risk of liquidity loss. This algorithm was already introduced with the advent of Bitcoin. It has since been optimized so that all potential risks can be mapped and avoided.

Different empirical values and market data of cryptocurrencies are used, ensuring exact planning when possible. In this way, all deposits that are placed on the market are stored in an encrypted and secured system. This helps minimize the risk of loss.

What is the market capitalization of Quantum Coin?

Quantum Coin is traded on the market under the symbol QUA and was placed in official trading on June 13, 2017. This resulted in an issue price of 0.287598 USD, with a market capitalization of 23.7 million USD.

By December 9, 2017, the token was in a downward swing. However, it had broken through to a record high of 38.87 million US dollars by early January 2018. In daily trading, market capitalization of 16,000 USD is seen. Gatehub plays the most important role as a trading center. The likes of HitBTC, Livecoin and EtherDelta are also popular trading venues.

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