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Pillar Coin

How Pillar Coin can simplify our lives

As one of many cryptocurrencies, Pillar Coin is intended to simplify daily life considerably. Payments can be made almost free of charge from one side of the world to the other. Contrary to the euro, dollar and other currencies, Pillar is not backed by a nation-state but rather by a private development team.

Since spending on coins is limited to a certain number, inflation can only occur in exceptional cases. This is an important advantage compared to the euro, since this is where the ECB has sovereignty and can put as much money on the market as it wants – that’s not to mention that central banks are often driven by political influence and interests.

Pillar Coin and the cryptocurrency market in general stand for the opposite. The developers have focused on the stability of value. In addition, management of coins is made simple for complete novices.

A further increase in the popularity of the coin means it could pose a serious threat to conventional currencies. After all, cryptocurrency enables its users to make payments solely with their smartphones or personal devices. The proven technology of the blockchain ensures high levels of security during transactions.

Pillar Coin and the development team behind it

One of many cryptocurrencies, Pillar Coin is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The development team has deliberately chosen this location: Switzerland is regarded as a pioneer in the cryptographic sector and the Swiss government has introduced particularly business-friendly laws.

An important detail about Twenty Thirty AG, which plays a decisive role in the design of the coin, is that this is not a fixed group of developers, but rather a loose union. Interested people from all over the world can personally contribute to the further development of this cryptocurrency.

The vision of the makers, to be realized as early as 2030, is for Pillar Coin to become the dominant means of payment on the world markets. The benefits for consumers would be great. For example, no one would have to exchange money when traveling from one country to another.

Furthermore, since all transactions would be undertaken via mobile device, your wallet can remain at home. No longer would individuals have to worry about their credit or debit card being stolen or lost.

Although a smartphone with wallet software could still be lost, intelligent security measures would almost completely rule out misuse. What is definitely clear today is that Pillar Coin is set to take the world by storm. The marketing campaigns required for this are already being developed.

Data protection and the importance of privacy

According to surveys, the majority of people today choose to buy crypto money for a very specific reason – we are talking about privacy and security of personal transaction information. As more and more states are monitoring their citizens very closely, this is undoubtedly a major step forward.

Neither the financial nor the penal authorities can monitor remittances with this coin. The storage of all purchase transactions, for example with credit and debit cards, is now a thing of the past. In many ways, digital currencies are similar to cash.

This makes it possible for entrepreneurs and consumers to make purchases as anonymously as possible and to sell products. The block chain is also a decisive point to consider in higher levels of security. With a digital chain of transactions such as this, there is no central storage server.

Instead, not even the developers themselves have access to details of transactions. Only the sender and recipient know exactly what occurred. At the same time, the blockchain remembers who owns which coins, and keeps track of them at all times. Because of this, fraud and cybercrime can be effectively combated. Experts agree that the future belongs to this form of finance.

Pillar Coin as an investment product

Apart from consumers, Pillar Coin is also likely to attract interest from investors and professional investors. The latter are already invested in large numbers and hope to increase their assets with this coin. Pillar, on the other hand, is less well known among so-called private investors.

Unfortunately, these far too often keep their assets in call money or savings accounts. As everyone should know by now, there are only very low interest rates there, so it’s time to look for profitable alternatives. Clearly, cryptographic currencies offer almost ideal conditions for investment.

Not only are crypto coins booming and getting more and more popular, they are also very practical. While money is stuck in real estate investments and cannot be used, investments in cryptocurrency are always liquid.

You can either use the coins as your own means of payment or exchange them for euros at a crypto exchange. In the best case, a healthy yield can be achieved. The administration of cryptocurrency requires only a little time and an appropriate wallet. These can be downloaded on all major operating systems and are easy to use.

A summary of Pillar Coin

Cryptocurrency is the first means of payment in the history of mankind that is entirely geared toward consumer needs. It is digitally available, enables payments with a smartphone and in the best cases, increases in value.

Pillar Coin is one of the currencies with a high investment potential, according to experts. The coin is developed by a team based in Switzerland who encourage participation in the overall project. Pillar Coin is an international currency for everyone.

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