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Peercoin – Successful Since 2012!

The digital currency, Peercoin, has been around since 2012, making it one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. It was designed by Sunny King. The software developer used the source code as well as the technical principles of Bitcoin as a basis.

This allows for far-reaching cooperation. It is also fairly simple because it allows the use of some programs that are intended for Bitcoin. However, unlike Bitcoin, Peercoin is now considered one of the safest digital currencies.

This is because of additional safeguards and adjustments that are important today. This includes, among other things, the ownership principle, which bypasses various weaknesses that cause problems for Bitcoin. The principle currently used requires significantly less computing power than the proof-of-work (PoS) principle used with Bitcoin.

How Do I Use Peercoin?

As with all other digital currencies, the first step is, of course, to download the wallet. In addition to Windows, Linux and OS X are also supported. Once your wallet is available, you can go to a stock exchange.

There, Peercoin can be purchased against state currencies. There are several exchanges that trade in various currencies and Peercoin is available on over 20 of these exchanges, including Bittrex, Cryptopia and Livecoin. It is currently priced at 5.17 US dollars.

After successfully acquiring the money for a fee, it should be transferred to the digital wallet. After the coins have been stored there for at least 30 days, they can be used for embossing. Coinage also brings a guaranteed annual profit of 1 percent. When you have used the embossing process several times, the yields are then combined. Peerbox can be used as a program for embossing.

Other Useful Information

Peercoin has a ranking of 162 on popular cryptocurrency charts. The abbreviation for the currency is PPC. Market capital is 127,389,398 US dollars and the daily volume is 777,045 US dollars. The cryptocurrency is represented by Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

Peercoin chat and forum features are also available, as are GitHub and Transifex. There is also an English-language wiki site. In addition, the website offers a link to various videos on YouTube.

These are tutorials, which explain the individual functions and procedures in more detail. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, it is not just designed for the English-speaking world and the associated website is currently available in 15 languages. In addition to the most common European languages, there are also languages from other continents.

Peer4commit – Collect Donations with Cryptocurrencies

There is a separate project that was started by Peercoin. At Peer4commit, money can be raised for projects. However, only Peercoin and Bitcoin are accepted for this.

Regardless of the nature of the project, potential Peer4commit donors must first be convinced of the worthiness of the request for funding. Therefore, a detailed and convincing description of the project is important to build the necessary trust. To make use of this function, it is necessary to register.

You can then make a request and enter the required amount. The donor is then shown the respective balance that remains open. There is also a function for commenting on the respective action.

Conclusion: An Oldie with Safety Awareness

Unlike most digital currencies, Peercoin prioritizes safety. Its growth isn’t excessive, but constant and secure, with guaranteed profits. In addition, it’s still strongly represented on social media with a website offering numerous alternative languages as well as video tutorials.

The developers of this cryptocurrency have really thought of everything. Peercoin’s previous sustained success confirms the efforts of the founder.

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