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Neblio Coin

Introduction on the Neblio Coin

Neblio Coin is a high-tech software interface with completely open source code. It is a secure, distributed platform that creates applications and services for enterprise software. According to the idea of the project developers, it should provide the entire set of functions that are necessary for both natural persons and legal entities in the business world.

The main goal of the platform is to replace obsolete software and offer a truly new database creation solution. Such applications will be scalable, intuitive, reliable and easy. The launch of the beta version of the product is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018. The company is presently in the midst of a digital currency marketing campaign.

The technology of Neblio Coin

The unique distributed blockchain technology makes the Neblio network possible. Clients using these technologies have huge benefits over similar applications that use traditional database architecture.

Despite the maturity of the blockchain, only a few applications experience the benefits of the technology, due to the complexity, the cost of integration, and maintenance. As a result, the next-generation blockchain network of the Neblio type will simplify the blockchain.

The token

The Neblio Coin Token (NEBL) is at the heart of Neblio’s blockchain platform, enabling instant and secure transmission of information around the world, ensuring the security of the project network.

Large distributed networks require reliable protocols and security algorithms to ensure the integrity of all members of the network. The platform network uses the proof-of-stake algorithm, which allows users to “stake” their tokens to protect the network. To promote the work and protection of the network, the network rewards the users for the time spent.

The project network

To create and protect a project network, it is critical that the network be configured to create new tokens at a variable rate, depending on the number of tokens that currently exist on the network. The more tokens you have now and the longer you keep them (up to a maximum of seven days), the more chances the stakers have to get a reward for the stake.

You get small rewards, often or rarely, depending on your total number of tokens.

Neblio Coin (NEBL) tokens are not investment instruments and cannot be treated as securities. The NEBL property does not convey any express or implied rights and may not affect the platform. NEBL tokens are only used when creating, distributing and using distributed applications in the project network, and can be transferred to other platform users.

Intention of the project

Neblio Coin designs and develops products and services with an open source code to enable business opportunities based on Neblio’s blockchain network. The intent is to simplify many of the complexities of current blockchain technology by using intuitively understandable services and APIs that accelerate the deployment of distributive blockchain-based applications in enterprise.

Decentralization and security

The decentralized model of consensus ensures the security of all transactions and/or information stored in the blockchain of Neblio Coin, such that there is no central point of failure in the network. The project will create a global developer blockchain focused on easy-to-use APIs, tools and services.

Large distributed networks require reliable protocols and security algorithms to ensure the honest behavior of all members of the network. The Neblio network performs this task through proof-of-stake, where users use their tokens to secure the network.

To promote the implementation of the stakes and to ensure the security of the network, the network rewards the users during the time their tokens stake.

The Neblio Coin network lives and evolves every day! To join the network, you can start with the Neblio Coin wallet. Staking is extremely important to the operation and safety of the Neblio network. The network is designed to generate new tokens at a rate that depends on the number of tokens that exist on the network at a given time.

The stake

Neblio already has a working wallet and brings 10 percent per year with staking! When Neblio came to the ICO, the cryptocurrency already had a working wallet that offered 10 percent a year. Since Neblio uses a proof-of-stake (POS) model, every Neblio wallet containing some NEBLs and those open to staking (unlocked) will receive approximately 10 percent free tokens per year.

Neblio Coin has a small circulating and a small total supply. As you know, the circulating and the total supply are what determine the price or value of a cryptocurrency. The math is simple — the greater the supply a token has, the less valuable it is.

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