Posted on: 27. March 2018

Mining Farm

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Mining Farm – Mining Cryptocurrency at Home – Still a Viable Prospect?

Let´s take a lott at where it all began with the Mining Farm. When bitcoin mining began, mining was a widely available invention. Anyone who owned a computer was allowed to participate in order to generate new units of the virtual currency.

The hype surrounding the cryptocurrency has since thwarted this ingenious plan for the solo miner working from a home office. With increasing numbers of prospectors worldwide, the solutions of the mathematical tasks for the individual combined with the necessary hardware has become highly complex.

Powerful hardware and graphics cards with large storage capacities combined with high energy costs prevent individuals from using home computers.


Mining Farms – Mines Run by Experts

Today, mining is only worthwhile for experts who can generate coins profitably thanks to a favourable energy supply. They run mining farms in different countries. An immense number of high-performance computers are stationed in such farms. Countless hardware is connected by cables.

Numerous cooling fans are used to keep the powerful computers cool and running smoothly. In buildings such as these, the noise level is similar to standing next to an aeroplane. As the hardware runs there day and night, the energy costs add up.

Many thousands of graphics cards calculate various cryptocurrencies around the world, around the clock, with the cooperation of thousands of people. In these circumstances, it isn't possible for a solo miner to generate coins. Mining farm operators, such as Genesis Mining or Hashflare, offer their equipment to mine selected digital currencies for a fee.


Mining farms are real powerhouses with a great potential for mining power. A large community and many computers simply mean that more can be achieved. Experts have established farms and see it as their main task to make the mines effective.


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