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The best masternode and staking providers in comparison.

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Passive income with masternodes

On this page we introduce you to masternodes and staking communities and services. Under the comparison you will find more information about masternodes and staking. We already have Staking or Masternodes in use with all these providers. Masternodes or Staking is an exciting opportunity for building passive income. However, you should look into the opportunities and risks in detail before making a purchase.

What is Staking

Most readers are already familiar with the term mining. In mining, transactions are verified by so-called miners and they receive a kind of interest or dividend for this. However, this so-called proof of work process consumes a lot of electricity.

Staking is not about proving an enormous computing power but about proving your own investment. Simply put, if you hold 1% of all coins of a specific currency, you may also confirm 1% of all transactions and then receive a reward accordingly.

However, not every cryptocurrency is suitable for staking. The well-known currency in the field of staking is Dash and maybe one day Ethereum. Many staking capable currencies are still quite small and therefore high risk and high volatility.

If you want to stake a coin, you need the provider’s “native” wallet on your computer. You then need to buy the coins on a trading site and transfer them to your local wallet. Now, as long as you are connected to the internet with your wallet, you will receive a staking commission. Sometimes every few hours, sometimes only once a week or month.

Attention, as soon as you turn off your computer you will earn nothing. Now we come to the topic of the masternode.

What is a masternode

Now that you understand staking, let’s move on to the masternode. With many currencies that support staking, this “holding” can be outsourced to a server service. So you no longer need to keep the wallet online with your private computer.

They use a key to connect the masternode service on a server to your wallet and now the service does the work for you. However, not all coins offer a masternode. You can find a list on:

Unfortunately, the topic Masternode also has a catch, for a Masternode you always need a minimum number of Coins. With some coins it can be quite expensive to operate your own masternode. Even if you do not deposit the coins anywhere but keep them, you still have a high exchange rate risk.

If you want to install and set up your masternodes yourself, we recommend the hosting provider Here you can set up a server within a few minutes from 1.99 euros. However, you should deal with Linux beforehand. Please pay close attention to whether the masternode is optimized for Ubuntu or Debian Linux.

For monitoring we recommend the free system from You will be informed about failures and money receipts by mail. Super clear and simple. But also here attention, it can take up to 12 hours until your masternode is found.

Masternode Pools

As already described, some masternodes are quite expensive. If you still want to profit from the distributions of a certain coin, so-called masternode pools are a good option. In these services or communities, people all over the world organize themselves and pool for a common masternode. This way, even users without large sums receive their share.

Managed masternode pools

With a managed masternode pool, the service selects the coins for you. If a coin is in danger of losing its value or there are problems with the security, the provider reacts and switches the coins to other currencies and nodes. With this service, you need a high level of trust in the provider. Such services are especially suitable for beginners and pure investors. The effort of an own masternode management is really not to be underestimated and requires a high technical understanding.

Staking Service

A staking service is nothing more than an open online wallet of a specific coin. Someone runs a server for you with an installed wallet. If you deposit coins to this wallet, you will receive a proportion of your staking results. However, you trust the security of the operator and give your Coins out of your hand. For small sums, this is not so bad, but always calculate with a total loss through eg: Hacking.