Masternode Provider

Masternodes is the new trend topic around the question, how do I make passive money with cryptocurrency . In the case of masternode staking, coins are linked to a wallet and, without much processing power, the coins are mined. To set up your own masternodes you can either rent a small server of your own and study the technology, or you can do it through other providers. We have put together different concepts for you in our Masternode provider comparison.


Our recommendation – GetNode :  The provider GetNode offers a Full Service Masternode Pool. With the concept of a masternode pool, you do not have to worry about choosing the coins or managing the servers. The provider runs a fully managed masternode pool and manages the coins and servers for you. You can either deposit Bitcoin or Euro directly into the provider and receive your payout in Bitcoin every 14 days.

Shared Masternodes with – StakeCube :  The Stake platform Cube offers its users a wide range of so-called “slots” of existing master nodes. Not only can you run Masternodes through the provider, but you can also do staking. If you steal coins while staking with this provider, you do not have to leave your calculator online. But beware, you put your coins in the wallet of an external provider. The platform is operated by a German team. So if you can not run a whole master fashion, you can drop your coins here. But you have to buy the corresponding coins in advance.

Basic Shared Masternodes with SimplePosPool : Simple Pos Pool is very easy to get a Masternode share without technical knowhow. As with StakeCube, however, you need the individual coins before. From our point of view, StakeCube is a little clearer and easier to use. However, Simple Pos Pool makes us feel safer and should not be neglected when it comes to staking.

Also a good provider StakingLab :  The operators of Platform have done a good job in terms of clarity. Staking is easy and there are already a large number of open Masters Dates available. We did not find any negative reports on the platform in our analysis. Please note, however, that on such platforms you will give your coins to someone else. Maybe it would be worthwhile to do masternodes yourself or, as in the case of GetNode, to give up management completely.

What are Masternodes?

Masternode staking is another form of mining. When mining a task is solved with a lot of computing power, who has the first result, who gets the so-called BlockReward. When staking this works a bit differently, you get in a nutshell for holding coins a reward. By holding the coins, you are entitled to confirm transactions. In this case, this task takes on a wallet.

There is no computing power required as with the proof of work and is therefore much more ecological. There are now over 400 Masternode Coins available at Masternodes Online . If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the subject of Masternodes, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

What can you earn with Masternodes?

Depending on the coin, returns of up to 1000% per year are possible. Of course, you have to regularly sell your coins, otherwise you risk a total loss. It can happen that a coin halves its value or becomes totally worthless. Therefore, we recommend the company GetNode, where experts take over the management of the pool.

Some Masternodes cost a few thousand dollars due to the minimum amount of coins. To avoid having to take such a high risk, you should do the management through GetNode or use a pool.

Managed Masternode Pool with GetNode

If you’re interested in the topic, here’s an employee GetNode explaining the concept very well.