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# Provider of the Month - Passive income through Masternodes
The GetNode Club offers its members a stake in the only ever Masternode pool. to the provider - (

What is a Ledger exactly?

A ledger is a traditional account book in the English-speaking economic area. In this book, all information about money movements is entered, such as debits, credits, and the intended use of funds.

These transactions are differentiated by income and expenditure. When the term is used without additional terms, it is meant in a general accounting sense.

In such a case, any financial transactions may be entered. Anyone who has to keep such is determined by the responsible tax authorities.

In keeping this term, traders or companies may be required to allow inspections of all financial transactions.

An instrument for cryptocurrencies

In this context, the term has two different meanings. First, it is an integral part of digital accounting, in context with the cryptocurrencies

The decentralized one, together with a blockchain, replaces all the functions of a conventional bank. A bank is no longer necessary for business transactions with cryptocurrencies.

All financial transactions are stored in the digital ledger, as in a business book. This is, therefore, the common ledger of all users of a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

This type exists locally on the Internet and contains all the required information, as described above.

The second label associated with the term is a company in Paris that sells a range of digital products. The range includes various digital wallets for storing cryptocurrencies.

The personal one is then saved in this wallet. With this ledger on the Ledger, the double meaning of the word is certainly justified.

Passive income through Masternodes
Editor's recommendation: The Masternode Pool Club GetNode is the only provider of its kind. GetNode allows its members to participate in a unique masternode pool that is already over 100 Bitcoin in size. Through active management of the pool and constant purchase of new masters, GetNode has achieved very good results. So who ever wanted a passive income through Masternodes , here is the change. With a minimum of 1000 Euro or 0.2 Bitcoin a quick start is possible. The deposit can be made via Bitcoin or Euro. The payment is made automatically every two weeks via Bitcoin. We are even invested in GetNode with 1.2 Bitcoin and so far we are very satisfied with the results.

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