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John McAfee’s GHOST

New Privacy Coin from McAfee

John McAfee is considered one of the most dazzling people in crypto space. Again and again he manages to polarize and focus on his projects by making new announcements. With his new GHOST project he underlines his positive statements to Privacy Coins. We take a look at GHOST.

GHOST comes on May 15

Mc Afee announced via Twitter that the white paper on the Prvacy Coin GHOST is to be published on 15 May 2020. The coin is designed to protect the privacy of the user, who may move through the crypto space like ghosts in transactions. For this purpose, the project uses, among other things, a Proof of Stake network. Fast transactions and low fees should round off the whole thing. Transactions on the same chain should be completed in less than 60 seconds. In a tweet, the previous information is revealed: “GHOST: It’s a coin as proof of privacy that makes you a “ghost” in online transactions!With Atomic Swaps on McAfeeDex you can trade against BTC/BCH/ETH & more!With a DEX/privacy coin combination we now have full control over our finances!

Bitcoin worthless?

Whoever follows John McAfee on Twitter must have been quite surprised when he called the BTC almost “worthless” a few days ago. Elsewhere he even called the BTC “Shitcoin”. In another tweet, McAfee also claimed that privacy coins like Monero would soon be the most important cryptos. In this sense, GHOST seems a logical consequence.

McAfee’s next coup?

John Mc Afee is one of the most curious people in the crypto field. Over the last year he has repeatedly made the headlines by making polarizing statements. In June 2017, for example, he predicted a Bitcoin exchange rate of over half a million US dollars. Bet: his best piece! On his Twitter channel he entertains over 1 million followers with his actions. Scandals are always part of the good tone. A year ago, it was reported that the US tax authorities were looking for Mc Afee and that he had moved to the Caribbean. In the past, McAfee has repeatedly drawn attention to itself with bizarre reports. It remains to be seen how GHOST will be received by users.

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