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Ion Coin

Ion Coin – Ionomy (ION): A Crypto Gaming Ecosystem, Wallet and Marketplace?

Ionomy and the ION coin are a mobile gaming ecosystem with multiple apps for Android and iOS. In this report, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Ionomy and the dynamic ION cryptocurrency.

What is the Ion Coin?

Ionomy is a gaming platform from Ionomy Studios. The studio makes mobile games and rewards those competing with a digital currency called ION. You can treat ION as you would any digital currency. For example, players buying ION coin receive a 50% discount on products from Ionomy Studios. Investors meanwhile, can trade, hold and settle IONs.

The studio has released several major games and more are in development, including an iOS and Android app called ‘The Moon or Bust’. This is an arcade-style game where players have to dodge planes and satellites before collecting petrol and power-ups as they go.

The first who arrives on the Moon wins. The Ionomy platform was announced in April 2016 via a forum thread. Overall, Ionomy’s main goal is to make it easier for developers to add monetary incentives to their premium or free games.

How Does Ionomy Work?

The Ionomy platform revolves around a digital currency called ION and a platform called PWR-GRD. ION is described as a cryptocurrency, which is “specifically designed for mobile games and, above all, it is used for everyone who loves the Internet, games, cryptographic currencies, earnings and everything that’s fun.”

PWR-GRD is a full-service suite that helps developers create great games “from creation to community”. It helps developers set up ION-based incentives such as crowdfunding, cash bonuses, in-game currencies, real money trading, integrated advertising and gameplay analytics.

As announced in April 2016, there was an initial supply of 10.9 million ION tokens. Another 3.4 million ION tokens were participation incentives awarded by The remaining tokens were distributed via the ICO (5 million ION) and Bounties (2.5 million). ION has an average block formation time of 70 seconds. The blockchain has an average transaction fee of 0.0001 ION (paid to master nodes).

Today, the Ionomy ecosystem is concentrated on four core components:

  • Games: The Ionomy Studio aims to create games that reward competitive gameplay with ION tokens because, as the official website explains, “games with ION tokens are more fun”.
  • Platform: Players who use ION tokens will receive a 50% discount on items issued by Ionomy Studios when using ION tokens. Players can manage their ION credits via’s wallet, so they can trade and keep their digital currency easily.
  • The Token: The ION tokens activate Ionomy Studio games. In addition, game developers can create custom tokens for their game currency using the RMT icon.
  • Tools: Ionomy has a toolset that allows users to crowdfund, monetize and promote games in the ION ecosystem.

In February 2018, the Ionomy network had more than 500 active nodes generating 22.1 IONs per day, which is approximately 2000 US dollars per month.

To the Moon (Beta)

With “To the Moon” you can lead your rocket from Earth to the Moon while avoiding planes, rockets, asteroids and “occasionally whales”. Simple tilt controls make for a game that is easy to learn and difficult to master.

You can get upgrades for your ship to speed up your journey, reduce fuel consumption or both. There is also a Plant the Flag Challenge where players can receive rewards. The first player to reach the moon receives a big prize. To the Moon is currently in beta development.

UrbanWords (In Development)

UrbanWords is described as “a word game for adults”, similar to Cards Against Humanity but even more angular and opaque. Players see definitions from the Urban Dictionary and must find hidden slogans in a word search. As the words become more and more opaque, players can unlock hints with in-app purchases.

Ionix (In Development)

Ionix is a simple touch game that rewards speed and accuracy. It is designed to be addictive and uncomplicated. Players must connect the ions floating on their screen by matching colours within a certain timeframe. You can only play in arcade mode for fun or compete against other players for valuable rewards in a ranked game.

Who is Behind the Ion Coin?

Ionomy is led by Adam Matlack (Chief Strategist), Richard Nelson (General Manager), Jordan Smith (Developer), Mitchell Cash (Developer) and Fornax A (Developer).

The official website lists a registration address in the Seychelles.

Ion Coin – In Conclusion

Ionomy is a gaming ecosystem that rewards players with ION points for their contributions to the ecosystem in every game. The more successful you are in each game, the more ION points you earn. The more ION points you earn, the more items and rewards you can buy in-game. To learn more about Ionomy and its ecosystem, you can visit online.

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