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Genesis Mining Experience

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Genesis Mining Experience – what does that mean?

Let us explain to you what Genesis Mining Experience means. We at Coin Report have made it our mission to identify and test the best cloud mining vendors in the world.

Below, you’ll find our experiences with Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) to provide you with some insight into the operator. We have put together a concise report of our experience with Genesis Mining.

Using our own money, we purchased mining worth nearly $26,000 from the vendor.


Introduction – What is Cloud Mining?

Before considering parting with your cash, it’s important you understand what cloud mining is all about. Mining refers to the ‘manufacturing process’ of cryptocurrency.

You can either install your own hardware to undertake it independently or purchase computing power from a provider like Genesis Mining. In countries like Germany, mining is no longer profitable due to the rising cost of electricity and cooling requirements.

This isn’t a problem for Genesis Mining, which operates facilities in Iceland, China and Sweden. With cloud mining vendor Genesis Mining, you can earn easy cash from the comfort of your home every day, either as Bitcoins or other popular cryptocurrencies.

How do I make money with Cloud Mining?

With cloud mining at Genesis, you enjoy the perks of two key factors:

You receive your cryptocurrency every day for the entire runtime of your contract. If the price of your already generated Bitcoin or chosen currency rises, you’ll benefit even more so.

Some people have already made a respectable passive income with cloud mining or are now living entirely on the incomes provided by it. Certainly, Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) has already produced a millionaire or two in recent years.


Who is Genesis Mining for? Advantages and Disadvantages

Basically, anyone can buy and use cloud mining at Genesis Mining. Points from this mining process represent a commercial activity and any income earned should be declared. The specifics of this, of course, depend on your country of residence.

Please contact your tax advisor for further insight here. Technically, you only need access to the internet to view your earnings on a regular basis. You’ll also need to have an active Bitcoin Wallet, or a wallet for whatever currency you are currently creating.

The obvious benefits of Genesis Mining include the fact it is one of the most established and successful companies of its kind. This German company was originally founded by three innovative entrepreneurs.

German meticulousness is evident in the corporate history of Genesis Mining. Any problem that arose was immediately dealt with for the benefit of customers. In addition to the serious enterprise potential of Genesis Mining, the vendor offers a flexible conversion of computing power to different cryptographic currencies. No other mining provider at present offers such innovative function.

Of course, there are a few disadvantages with Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) to consider. One such problem is the availability of new services. Due to its size and popularity, the provider is permanently sold out. You’ll be lucky to get a piece of the Genesis Mining pie.


Registration in 3 easy steps

  1. Click link
  2. Fill out registration form
  3. Select and order hashrate

What happens after the purchase?

Activation of the computing power: Depending on the type of contract, the computing power is activated immediately after the purchase. Recent contracts in the Bitcoin mining sector, however, had a waiting period of up to 3 months after payment.

Even if you find yourself waiting for this long, you’ll see from our test results that the wait is worthwhile. Activation of the computing power for old coins is usually done within 24 hours.

Back transfer: The company also offers payment by bank transfer. In any case, we recommend payment in your local currency. The purchase of Bitcoin mining with Bitcoin is a high-risk venture due to the increasing difficulty with the currency. The processing of a bank transfer takes between 4 and 7 days, depending on the country you’re in.

Credit card payment: Payment by credit card is also possible at Genesis Mining, but bear in mind your card limit. Many a crypto fan quickly exceeds their limit and wonders why payment hasn’t processed. Be sure to insure yourself with your bank before making a payment via credit card.

Payment via Bitcoin: Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) also accepts payment via Bitcoin. It is particularly appealing to pay with an existing credit balance. However, if your goal is to create Bitcoin, you should not be using your valuable Bitcoins for payment. Of course, it remains up to you how you utilise your cryptocurrency.


Genesis Mining Experience – Our Result

As mentioned above, we have signed a mining agreement with Genesis Mining with our own money. In total, we purchased 201 TH/s SHA-256 Bitcoin Mining for a sum of $25,221. In actuality, the total service would have normally cost $26,000; we were able to make a saving with a voucher code.

Here is an example from our dashboard:

Now it’s time to discuss the results of our Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) experience.

As you can see in the screenshot, we receive 0.03203356 Bitcoin daily. This is worth almost 496 Euro (currency exchange rate: 15495.41 Euro). Here is a screenshot of our dashboard with the mining results:

The contract, which was purchased on 2017-09-07 at 16.54.35, started on 2017-10-31 and is now earning almost $21,000 within 47 days due to the sizeable price increases of the Bitcoin.

So in less than 1.5 months, we have already earned our money again through the mining contract process and with this contract receive “Lifetime” Bitcoin Mining. As long as the cryptocurrency remains profitable in mining, we receive our daily payout.


Our conclusion:

Our Genesis Mining experience has been a positive one so far. We can recommend Genesis Mining with a clear conscience at the moment. It’s just a shame that contracts sell out so quickly.

If you receive the opportunity to secure a Bitcoin Mining contract, you should seriously consider snapping it up. Don’t forget that coupon code discounts available, however.

You’ll find the latest ones on this very page. This code gives you a discount of 3% on your order. Depending on the size of your investment, this discount pays off enormously and really hikes up your personal ROI (return on investment).

Since the buy computing power and results depend heavily on the Bitcoin network, you should always allow for a significant loss your money. Our test result is, of course, a snapshot of the process and only reflects our own results.

Important questions and answers about Genesis Mining

How long are the contract terms?

In Bitcoin Mining, Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) sells so-called lifetime contracts. These contracts continue mining as long as it is profitable for the company to produce the currency.

For most older coins in GPU mining, the contract terms are usually limited to two years. However, always check the terms and conditions associated with any contract before signing it.

Can Genesis Mining terminate contracts early?

The simple answer is yes. The clause is included as part of the Genesis Mining Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) Genesis Mining is one of the largest cloud mining providers on the planet.

Who is behind Genesis Mining?

The company was founded in 2013 by Jakov Dolic and Marco Streng. Initially, their aim was of setting up their own mining plant. After a very short time, the founders realized an enormous demand from end customers and larger investors.

There is hardly a provider out there on the market with more reputation and a higher level of trust by consumers. Over the past few weeks, the company has been showcasing its structure and opening up to the media more. Currently, Genesis Mining Experience is building one of the largest mining facilities in China.


What do I need to participate?

To start at Genesis Mining, you only need your own wallet. On our site, we have prepared some recommendations for different wallet types.

You enter this wallet at Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) in the back office, buy your required hashrate and you’re done. Depending on the mining contract, the payment will be made daily, or if a minimum amount is reached on your personal wallet. You can also buy from this vendor for values of $100 or less.

Is there a coupon code?

You can find the coupon code on this page. With our coupon codes, you will receive 3% directly applied to your order. It is best to copy the coupon code directly into a text file and save this file on your desktop. You can also use this code for every future order, not just your first one.

How much can I earn with Genesis Mining Experience?

We can’t give you any guarantees about profit margins. Instead, take some time to read our insights and experience reviews, as well as the experiences of other Genesis Mining Genesis Mining (Link from the editor: ) Genesis Mining Experience, you can find contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZCash mining. It’s also tricky to know what exactly is on offer due to the high rate of sell-off at this vendor.


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    How can it be that Hashflare itself proposes a 5% discount, while a 5 min of websurfing brings you to this website ( ) , where they offer 10% promo code?

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    How can it be that Hashflare itself proposes a 5% discount, while a 5 min of websurfing brings you to this website ( ) , where they offer 10% promo code?

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