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What is a Faircoin?

Faircoin is a cryptocurrency and is traded on various online exchanges. Similar to the Bitcoin, the developers of the Coin rely on a decentralized storage of data. This is to ensure that hackers have no chance to tap sensitive information in an unauthorized manner.

The company’s market capitalization behind the coin is currently just under $40 million. This means that large investors would have to raise the sum just mentioned to completely purchase the company. This is a very impressive value for a currency that has only traded for three and a half years (May 2014).

The Coin is also still one of the insider tips in this segment. Unlike traditional assets such as bonds or stocks, most people have probably never heard of crypto money; let alone the Faircoin. The more familiar the concept of the coin becomes, the more likely it is to increase in value per unit.

Last but not least, this currency has several tangible advantages in payment transactions. It is extremely secure, promises value stability and remains anonymous at all times. The latter is always crucial when making sensitive or private purchases. After all, not everyone wants their neighbors to know what things they order online.

Is it wise to invest in Faircoin?

When the Faircoin was still in development, the makers deliberately decided to implement a very special concept. Instead of exclusively maximizing profits, the coin should be transparent, fair and open to all interested parties.

A look at today’s business model shows that these goals have all been implemented. The currency relies on the active help of the community. Whether it’s about updates, improvements or stability – every user can make suggestions for the future design of the currency.

The coin never loses its grip and remains connected to the people it was made for – private investors and honest investors. No less fair than the currency itself, incidentally, is their customer service. More and more exchanges for digital money have recently added this coin to their range.

The fees due there are relatively low and are also based on the amount invested. Depending on the provider, a few percent can be saved if more Euros are exchanged into the coins. Since crypto-money can be used in a variety of ways, there is no reason not to make a larger investment.

According to experts familiar with the subject, crypto money could replace traditional means of payment in the in future. No other means of payment is similarly secure, flexible and anonymous.

Price potential for an investment in Faircoin

Studies in international markets have shown that the potential for crypto-money is far from exhausted. Up to now, current investors have primarily been people who are professionally involved in finance or banking. If the Faircoin gets even better known, the price, which has to be paid per unit, increases.

The fact is that demand is likely to outstrip supply soon. After all, most coins are limited to a certain number, while the number of interested parties can be very high. Many people could decide to invest in the crypto money as a pension. In addition, the share of cryptocurrencies in the entire payment traffic is steadily rising.

All these factors contribute significantly to reach an even larger audience. While the Bitcoin is already relatively well-known, the multiplications of the course are already behind. For Faircoin, however, this development is yet to come. The more investors are convinced by the concept of the developers, the better for the currency.

By the same token, the number of shops that accept the coin as currency increases. So far, these are mainly traders from the online business, but the jump to retail stores is not far off. The potential of high profits is predicted for this coin in every respect.

The Coin and the voice of the community

The reason why experts often opt for this coin and no other is the fact that the owner of even one unit of the coin is given a say. This ultimately includes all areas where the currency can be further improved. The cooperation of a large group of people is logically very beneficial when important decisions are made.

Instead of pursuing centralized decision-making, all supporters of the coin are equally involved if desired. A look at the list of recent successes shows that the Faircoin is certainly well-named. It is the official means of payment on the FairCoop platform, which deals with concepts of fair trade. Sooner or later, no producers are disadvantaged and unable to live well on their income.

Transparency is practised as well as preached on this platform. Decisions are also made here, as with the Coin, within the framework of a democratic process. The bigger and more successful the coin becomes, the more the opinion of the community is needed. Its voice will soon be needed to discuss establishing the currency in the supermarkets and further simplifying payments.

A conclusion on Faircoin and crypto money

Faircoin is a so-called cryptocurrency and deserves its moniker. The currency is part of a network that promotes transparency, democracy and environmental protection. Fair trade also plays a central role. Faircoin has earned its reputation with democratic structures, the cooperation of the community and low price fluctuations.

Apart from the role as a means of payment, coins can also be considered as an investment. The more known the coin becomes in the company, the faster the price per unit will rise. A multiplication of the invested capital is not a utopia, but imaginable. Crypto money will be the currency of the future.

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