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Emercoin: The cryptocurrency caught between the old school and modern age

Emercoin is a cryptocurrency. 2014 was a year when many new Altcoins reached the market. Many failed to establish themselves over the long term, although some are still traded today. Overall, a few tokens have remained in the memory of at least the long-established traders within the crypto world.

One of them is Emercoin, and it certainly impresses with some of its features. Nevertheless, it seems to be caught between modern technologies, high-quality partnerships and a certain old-school look.

Emercoin still has a partnership with Microsoft, among others. This gives the developers a direct implementation in Azure. However, its own software is quite neglected. The wallet looks rather like a copy of those of other cryptocurrencies that also launched in 2014 – only the logo is different in most cases.

The optimization of transactions

Emercoin has its own optimizer, which deals purely with transactions. All records created in the process will be compressed up to 10 percent. This puts it a step ahead of some digital currencies in terms of block size.

In consequence, this optimization affects transaction speed. Since the data sets do not exceed a certain size, no splitting is necessary. No additional hashes are claimed. The transmission takes place immediately. The user experience is similarly designed – after a transaction has been carried out, no further confirmation is required. Many other cryptocurrencies resort to this principle.

Basic technical features of Emercoin

Another special feature of Emercoin is its technical structure. First, it is a hybrid of PoW and PoS, with the addition of so-called merged mining, already used by Bitcoin or Namecoin.

This technology ensures that the hash energy of other cryptocurrencies is used for their own data processing – at least if they are compatible within the blockchain. This is possible because the SHA-256 algorithm is used.

By outsourcing the processing of data, transaction fees are very low. Stan Polozov – one of the founders of Emercoin – has many years’ experience in the IT industry. He wanted to pursue this approach because he cares about the best possible usability, above all.

Mining focuses in particular on PoS. This is because comparatively more profit can be made by staking than by the pure abrading of blocks.

There is no limit. Every year another 6 percent will be added. This results in a corresponding inflation. Staking is supposed to counteract this. Of course, this benefits only those users who are actively involved in this process.

However, this does not mean that mining does not yield anything. Due to the technical conditions, mining is comparatively fast. No high-end hardware is necessary for this. This makes Emercoin available to all – even those who aren’t very intensively involved with IT.

The platform around Emercoin

As mentioned earlier, developers are dedicated to various projects based on the cryptocurrency. While being implemented as a means of payment, these are entirely separate projects. For example, there is a decentralized domain administration and a VoIP service.

At first, this distribution may seem random but the goal of the developers is to differentiate Emercoin from other cryptocurrencies. It should instead be a platform, rather than a mere investment opportunity. The blockchain built here should, therefore, be equally attractive to private individuals as well as entrepreneurs.

Verdict: any weaknesses are purely cosmetic

The aforementioned weaknesses are only limited to its outward appearance. A strong technological component makes this coin a good investment opportunity. Market capital also stands out. As developers work with more and more well-known companies, their value is expected to rise rapidly in the near future.

Emercoin demonstrates the advantage of patience in order to achieve the highest possible profit in trading.

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