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Dovu Coin

Dovu Coin – a dynamic new cryptocurrency and platform

Dovu Coin is a cryptocurrency. There is a massive amount of data circulating on the Internet, which together forms the total data flow of all people active online. Dovu wants to channel this uncontrolled data flow and use it as a kind of fuel for its new ecosystem.

This improves the efficiency of the huge data flow itself and makes it more accessible to everyone. A high level of safety and security remains as standard. The platform of Dovu Coin is based on the blockchain, with the aim of creating a new closed-loop economy with all the controlled data.

The data collected and made available by users regarding location is of great value to the company when it comes to market research.

In the future, this will make it possible to develop product selection more appropriately, with money invested more effectively. Market research is a major entity today and can be controlled by the users themselves, with the help of this platform.

Dovu Coin in figures – February 2018

According to, Dovu Coin has a current market capital of 10,426,752 US dollars. The daily trading volume of this cryptocurrency stands at 10,599 US dollars. There are currently 63,793,250 Dovu Coins in circulation, with a total supply of 963,761,390 coins.

Dovu Coin is ranked 458th in’s Mineable Coins ranking list. The price of Dovu Coin reached an all-time high in January 2018 and has fallen somewhat since then.

What is Dovu Coin?

Dovu Coin, commonly abbreviated to DOVU, is a cryptocurrency used to create an ecosystem between consumers and mobility services. The data stream in the network is used as fuel and enables seamless data transmission. The DOV is an ERC-20 token that can be distributed by sharing sites and trading data. This token is used to buy or rent tickets for different means of transport.

The system works with three parties, each of which has a specific task. The data owners, which can be individual persons or organizations, form the first party. In addition, data providers are required to take over the data provided and then make it available again via a documented API.

The third party consists of data consumers who interact with Dovu’s platform and use the data provided by the data providers. This party consists mainly of developers and companies that need the data for market research purposes.

The current Dovu platform consists of three major components. The Dovu protocol is a detailing of data exchange and value specification. The DOV token is used to make payments on the platform possible. A specially developed app is also part of this system.

The company’s first decentralized app is the API marketplace, which simplifies access to all required data. These components make Dovu’s complex system possible. The vision of earning coins for information about travel plans and current locations makes the platform attractive worldwide.

What is this cryptocurrency used for?

Users can share their location with various companies. In return, they receive a certain number of tokens from these same companies, which can be spent however the recipient wishes. Targets of spending could include travel tickets or hiring a rental vehicle, for example.

The company has developed a mobility-based data-sharing API marketplace where users can exchange location information for Dovu Coins.

Who is behind Dovu Coin?

Dovu was founded in 2016 and is based in London. This project was started by the three founders: Irfon Watkins, Krasina Mileva and Arwen Smit. Irfon Watkins is at the forefront of the company and has over two decades of experience in managing global companies.

He has successfully founded, managed and resold several companies from the API spectrum. His last position was as CEO and founder of Coull, a programmatic video advertising company. Coull has become a very successful company in high demand.

Co-founder Arwen Smit is very active in the field of technology and gained experience at InMotion. She also worked as Head of Growth at a digital agency, advising on technology in general. She was a member of the board of directors at AIESEC and previously served as a mentor at Virgin StartUp.

In this posting, she led consulting on business models and proved herself as an efficient project manager. The team behind Dovu Coin consists of 11 individuals overall, all of whom work passionately on the project.

Dovu Coin – in conclusion

Dovu is a company that has created a large marketplace for traffic-related data. The trade in these data benefits users immensely, as well as serving the market research needs of relevant companies.

The goal of Dovu is to make this technology possible for every individual, bringing the blockchain closer to everyone. It remains to be seen how this project will develop and establish itself on the market.

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