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Databits Coin

Augmentors – the world of Databits Coin

Because the general public is becoming increasingly aware of cryptocurrencies, competition is hotting up among developers, just like them from the Databits Coin. The crypto world basically consists of three different groups of people: there are developers who are particularly interested in creating new currencies, hardcore traders, and those who like to mine.

The last group always gets offered the same process through virtually identical systems. This should change, thanks to Databits Coin.

A platform called Augmentors offers miners a special gaming experience. Following the example of a multi-layered RPG, there are several monsters to be found. The goal is to catch them and help them build their own army.

This is done by taming and training the monsters after catching them. It uses many of the tropes of popular classic games. Pokémon and Monster Hunter have shown that collecting monsters has a perennial appeal.

Sophisticated technology is used in Databits Coin and its platform

Augmentors is also the name of the blockchain used here. From a technical point of view, the developers have gone the extra mile to combine speed and safety, not to mention the fact that the data is always protected and kept anonymous. Server speed is of particular importance here – after all, lags would stop the game from being fun.

In order to offer a comprehensive gaming experience, each monster has its own story to explore. The blockchain stores all progress. In addition, progress depends on one’s own behavior and decisions, so each user creates a very individual story.

The ultimate goal: achieve the status of a god

With the help of an army, it is possible to defeat a god. This is followed by a transfer of status and the loser then becomes either a rogue or a hero again. This varies according to the role the player played before achieving god status.

The blockchain is constructed in such a way that nobody can steal this status during an offline time.

However, it would not be a fully-fledged video game without some side quests to fulfil. Distributed throughout the game are various relics and very rare monsters – sure to make the heart of every collector beat a bit faster.

The more peculiarities that come into your possession, the more your reputation grows. In a similar way to various platforms on Steam, PlayStation or Microsoft Network, there is also the possibility for Augmentors to receive different badges for achievements.

As the game develops according to one’s own behavior, no information can be given as to what percentage has already been reached in the score. There is no maximum number of coins that can go into circulation, which essentially means there is no end to the game.

An Altcoin with high potential

Databits Coin has an average value of half a dollar. At certain times in the past, it has reached more than one or two American dollars, but the rate is constantly changing. This means that this digital currency is not just attractive to those who like to integrate video games in their free time. Even traditional traders enjoy Databits Coin.

Along with the game, the development of Databits Coin was originally implemented through the trading of Databits as well as Bitcoin.

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