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Cryptotab Review

Cryptotab experiences

Cryptotab Review- Get Bitcoin for free

We at Coin Report deal extensively with the topic mining. In this article, we will take a look at the free browser mining application CryptoTab. You need a Chrome browser and can run the platform in the background while surfing. Mining Bitcoin on the computer is unfortunately not worth it, so the app generates Monero and converts it to Bitcoin for you. This way, you can generate a few Satoshi on your home PC and possibly even a few Bitcoin in the community. This report is about our Cryptotab experience. Have lots of fun while mining.

CryptoTab dashboard

Chrome browser required

You need a Chrome browser for the app, the link to the browser and the corresponding app can be obtained from the provider. Chrome is also highly recommended as a native browser. It is one of the fastest browsers on the market and offers many applications and a clear and concise interface.

Cryptotab earnings

As a single user of Cryptotab, you certainly won’t get rich, but the app won’t cost you anything. You can run the app while surfing the Internet and get a few Satoshi. The whole thing is only really fun if you also recruit friends and partners for the app. Of course, the amount of your mining also depends on the processing power of your computer. Gaming PCs or a MacBook Pro are particularly well suited for mining. Of course, you should not forget that your computer may consume a little more power than usual due to mining.

Login via Facebook, Google or Twitter

The registration is done conveniently via Facebook, Google or Twitter. Even if you do not create a profile, mining will begin. However, we strongly recommend that you set up a profile. If your computer breaks down or you delete your cookies, you may lose your mining revenue. With a social media profile, you can log back into your account at any time and get access to your Bitcoin.

Cryptotab experiences – Conclusion

You will certainly not get rich with the app, but it is fun to earn a few satoshi on the side. At the same time, you can refer friends and acquaintances and earn a little bit. It is important that your friends do not lose anything from their mining results because of your bonus. Mining together is the best and most fun. Maybe you even give your friends a little of your earnings, so you could understand this application as kind of a joint project. The payout limits are very low and the app is free. Hence, the software gets a positive rating from us. As soon as we have reached a payout, we will of course report about it. Have fun mining!


  • Olusoji schreibt:

    Can one mine on android phones?

    • Leon schreibt:

      yes this is possible, but you have to consider that depending on the country you come from the cost of electricity can be higher than the possible profit and that the phone can overheat due to heavy use and therefore break down

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