Posted on: 14. April 2018

Cryptographic Signature

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Cryptographic Signature

The cryptographic signature is a prop of an electronic document. It arises as a result of a cryptographic transformation of private signature key information. The cryptographic signature makes it possible to check the falsification of information in the electronic document from the time of signature generation (integrity). It also allows verification of the signature and the owner of the signature key certificate (authorship). Lastly, it confirms the signature of the electronic document in the case of a successful test (non-repudiation).


A qualified signature should identify the person who signed the electronic document and, in the cases provided by law, act as an analog of the handwritten signature.

A qualified cryptographic signature is used in the execution of digital contracts (smart contracts) and civil transactions. It is also used in the provision of state and municipal services, the performance of state and municipal functions, and the performance of other digital and legal measures.


This Application is used in the following important areas of the electronic economy and includes:

• Full control over the integrity of a document in electronic payment transfers. In the event of an accidental or intentional change to a document, the digital signature becomes invalid because it has been programmed according to a special algorithm that is calculated based on the initial state of the document. It is only valid in this condition.

• Effective protection against attempted changes to a document (forgery). The cryptographic signature guarantees that all types of counterfeits are detected when monitoring integrity. As a result, the attempted falsification of documents with a cryptographic signature is futile in most cases.

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