Veröffentlicht: 15.02.2020

Crypto-News on Saturday

The crypto market does not stand still at the weekend either. We take a look at the most important events of the past 24 hours.

IOTA takes the floor after Trinity Hack

After the IOTA Foundation was able to identify a vulnerability in Trinity Wallet on February 12, Tangle continues to stand still. With this decision the Foundation wants to freeze the stolen coins and put a stop to the hackers. Affected investors are to be compensated.

Bitcoin still over 10000 USD limit

The Bitcoin is still at a rate of about 10250 USD on Saturday. After the triple bounce at the 10500 USD resistance, the support zone at 10200 USD is thus holding up.
Meanwhile, the BTC Dominance Index falls to a new annual low of 61%.

Altcoins catch up

Ethereum and Co. are securing important market shares these days and are breaking away from the No.1 crypto currency. With a daily gain of just under 5%, ETH recorded the largest price increase within the Top 10 on Saturday, with a market cap currently at around USD 31 billion. Meanwhile, Ripple confirms the new annual high of USD 0.33. Yesterday’s BitMEX crash does not appear to have had any serious impact on the chart.

Bitcoin Forks with losses

Bitcoin Cash (- 2,5 %), Bitcoin SV (- 5,5 %) and Litecoin (- 2,3 %) suffered slight losses over the weekend. There has been some calm around Craig Wright and the Kleiman estate and other coins are currently moving into the focus of investors. Despite the slight price losses, the Bitcoin Forks still occupy positions 4, 5 and 6 in the crypto charts.

Bitcoin Mixer arrested

In the USA a special case made headlines in the crypto space. This week, Coin Ninja CEO Larry Harmon was arrested for “conspiracy to launder money instruments”. The accused was operating a so-called Bitcoin Mixer, which disguised transactions in the three-digit million range. Bitcoin mixers have been under criticism for quite some time. While many investors use the service to protect their privacy, experts see a danger in terms of crypto-crime.

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