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Craig Wright has to pay legal fees

The process is dragging on

It was one of the hottest topics in crypto space. Craig Wright electrified his followers with several messages about the Kleiman estate and the legendary “Tulip Trust III”. Wright quickly set about becoming one of the most dazzling characters in the Blockchain world, and the Bitcoin SV course recorded mega profits. Now there is news. We take a look at the most important events.

165000 USD attorney fees

Craig Wright has to pay the legal fees of Ira Kleiman. These amount to a value of 165000 USD. The competent court in Florida thus deviated from a significantly higher penalty. Wright was already sued in 2018, he claims to still be in possession of the keys for the billion-dollar Tulip Trust III. However, there is still no trace of these keys. Deadlines were missed time and again. The dramaturgy is like an action thriller. Ominous messengers, encrypted transaction histories and many other highlights provided spectacular press releases.

No end in sight

After Craig Wright announced in recent months that he had received the private keys to the billion-dollar “Tulip Trust III”, the tide changed abruptly in the following weeks. He had not been able to present any evidence to date and all explanations were in vain. Many experts now assume that Wright was bluffing. For the Bitcoin SV course, the headlines around the trial came at just the right time. Wright is considered one of the most important Bitcoin SV supporters of all. Due to the publicity, the BSV course in January put the strongest performance of all coins on the crypto parquet. The price subsequently reached an all-time high of USD 441.20 (January 14, 2020).

Bitcoin SV price today

Bitcoin SV looks back on a rapid rollercoaster ride after the first quarter of 2020. After reaching its all-time high, the Bitcoin Fork has meanwhile positioned itself in the top 5 of the crypto charts. Today the price is at a value of 116.73 USD. This makes Bitcoin SV the seventh largest coin at the moment. These days, investors are increasingly focusing on the No.1 crypto currency. The corona virus has left its mark and nobody knows how the markets will react in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin consolidates on Wednesday

It’s the old familiar calm before the storm. On Wednesday, most of the coins move in place. The Bitcoin can still hold above the important 5000 USD mark and the Altcoins are adjusting. The stock markets are struggling with the effects around Covid-19 and the Down Jones and Dax are still recording heavy losses today. Since February, the German leading index, the Dax, has now suffered a loss of over 5000 points. Meanwhile, the American government is planning a helicopter money to keep the consequences for the economy in check.


The world is fighting against a pandemic and nobody knows exactly how it will continue in the coming days. This uncertainty is reflected in the traditional markets. The crypto space may recover slightly on Wednesday from the strains of the past few days. However, this calm could suddenly turn out to be deceptive.

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