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ClearPoll Coin

What is the ClearPoll Coin?

ClearPoll Coin is one kind of a cryptocurrency. Today, online surveys are a very important part of market research. They provide information about the life, habits, purchases and wishes of people from very different social groups. In this way, patterns can be analyzed, to which companies can align and adapt their products offered.

Opinions on specific topical issues, such as politics and business, are also popular and in demand among the polls. Surveys are often manipulated, especially when it comes to controversial issues such as politics. Money plays a very important role and can falsify entire opinion analyses.

ClearPoll aims to revolutionize these online surveys, making it possible for millions of people to securely share their opinions and influence the marketplace. Security and inviolability play a big role at ClearPoll and are guaranteed to users.

ClearPoll Coin in numbers

As of January 30, 2018, the market capitalization of ClearPoll Coin was $17,869,437 and the circulating offer amounted to $6,999,991. The daily trading volume was $274,349 and the total offer amounted to 8,999,992 POLL. ClearPoll Coin ranks 418 in the coin ranking of

What is ClearPoll Coin?

ClearPoll Coin is a novel cryptocurrency that realizes the goals and visions of the company. ClearPoll is a social network of opinion polls using blockchain technology to make the results safe. The company guarantees that all surveys are 100 percent safe and secure from tampering.

Each user can pick out the right topic for themselves and start a survey on various subjects. Popular topics include politics, economics, sports, the environment, entertainment and many others. Every user should be able to find and participate in the survey that suits them best.

A special topic filter makes searching very easy and ensures a neatly sorted overview. The diversity of topics ranges from national and international surveys and interests. This wide variety of surveys allows ClearPoll to meet a worldwide demand.

Social networks are very much appreciated by ClearPoll as they offer the opportunity to share or post surveys that have been made or proposed. Your own activity will be displayed at any time.

Live broadcasts make it possible to track a user-friendly survey in real time. Even if you have already cast your vote in this poll, you can continue to monitor the results and keep up to date. Each survey runs exactly 24 hours and then automatically ends and evaluates.

All answers are stored on the blockchain and are safe from possible persecution. Blockchain uses a modified version of Ethereum that is perfectly tailored to the needs of ClearPoll.

ClearPoll users also have the unique opportunity to post questions themselves. They can also decide whether the questions are offered nationally or globally. Features such as star surveys, where celebrities can interview their fans themselves, play a big role in this offer.

To create surveys, the user receives ClearPoll tokens, which means that user premiums account for a very large portion of ClearPoll’s revenue.

How is this kind of cryptocurrency used?

ClearPoll is used to give all people across the world the opportunity to participate in important surveys. They can use it to express their opinions and stand up for their beliefs. As there are often confrontations based on one’s own opinion, the system is completely secure and it is impossible to determine who gave which vote.

These measures ensure that ClearPoll maintains a very high level of user confidence. POLL Tokens are used for Rewards, Advertising, Sponsored Polls or ClearPoll Plus.

Who is behind ClearPoll coin?

The team behind ClearPoll consists of a 11 people who have dedicated themselves to this project, making it stable and secure.

Robert Culley is the lead developer and founder of ClearPoll. As an industrial designer, he is very much appreciated for his excellent work and has already gained a lot of experience. He became well known through the successful development of various apps.

His wide range of knowledge and expertise makes him a perfect developer of ClearPoll. With his can-do attitude, he has had many successes so far, and he continues to add to his string of achievements.

The director and lead designer behind ClearPoll is Daniel Abelas, who has been running his own business for 13 years and is a member of a successful development team. With experience in the development of indie mobile apps, he has the right skillset to support ClearPoll and to lead it to success.

Business development is led by David Sun, who has many years of experience in managing and organizing businesses. His natural ability to inspire particularly strong customer loyalty benefits him greatly at ClearPoll, and is valued at all levels. His goal is to strengthen and grow ClearPoll Coin through advertising and marketing campaigns.


ClearPoll Coin is suitable for all people across the world who want to voice their opinions and carry them out. It offers secure surveys and a clear app, as well as a web version, making the system easy to understand and intuitive to use.

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