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Cindicator Coin

Introduction on the Cindicator Coin

Cindicator Ltd. is the parent company of the Cindicator Coin cryptocurrency (CND). It is registered in Gibraltar as stated on its website.

According to the service of, the IP domain name resides on a dedicated server of the Microsoft Corporation in Washington.

The name of the registrar is Mikhail Brusov, which matches the name of one of the founders of the project. Links to social media sites, which are represented in his profile on, confirm his identity.

Information on the other two founders (Yuri Lobynsev and Artem Baranov) can be found in their profiles on

Cindicator Coin

In the second quarter of 2016, the company completed the transition from the Cindicator Coin gaming media business model to the current financial and analytical service.

At the same time, the company raised $250,000 in venture capital.

At the beginning of 2017, Cindicator Coin and the Moscow Stock Exchange participated in the Finance & Banking Technologies Accelerator Generation S competition, in which their collective intelligence showed a return of 47% per annum.

More recently, BitFin Capital and Token Fund have partnered with Cindicator Coin to leverage their technology in the analytics and trading departments, as well as rapid access to mutual funds, dealer products and technologies.

The Project

The Cindicator Coin platform enables you to receive a diverse forecast for every interesting event that deals with stocks, securities, commodities, foreign exchange, political developments and financial news.

It allows you to see a weighted average forecast from a large decentralized group of people and apply it to decision-making.

The nature of the project is also well described in history books.

The British scientist Francis Galton said as late as 1906 that a large group of individuals’ (they need not even be experts in the field), predictions will be more accurate than the conclusions of several specialists.

How Does the Project Work and Who Are Its Competitors?

The idea of the project has already been implemented and has found application in the financial sector. An example of this is the experience with the Moscow Stock Exchange.

Its main competitor is Estimize, which has been successfully operating in the market for more than 5 years, though outside the blockchain industry.

Like Cindicator Coin , Estimize seeks to continue developments in the field of financial analysis. The main difference between the two is how they draw conclusions from crowd information.

The competitors make decisions based on the most successful people in the field. Cindicator Coincurrency, however, makes decisions based on an information from all participants and draws general conclusions.

The Cindicator Coin

To perform the ICO, the blockchain was selected by Ethereum and the ERC-20 protocol. Cindicator coin will play an infrastructural role in the Hybrid Intelligence Cindicator ecosystem.

The CND tokens provide access to the analytic product and become tools for maintaining the high motivation of financial analysts in the Cindicator Coin ecosystem.

For a detailed description of these features, see the white paper in Section 4. The legal component of the CND token describes the team’s opinion in Section 8 of the white paper.

Concrete decisions do not yet exist, but along with the information that the CND tokens are not investments, it eliminates such aspects as the choice of jurisdiction.

Cindicator works with a San Francisco law firm called Velton Zegelman, founded in 2011 by experienced lawyers Julius Zegelman and Daniel Welton of California.

Zegelman is co-founder and Chief of Legal Affairs of BitFin Capital, which has announced a partnership with Cindcator.

How Can Owners of Cindicator Coin Earn Money?

Cindicator tokens are used to help the predictors deliver more accurate predictions – the more accurate they are, the more CND they will earn.

Upon receipt of the relevant licenses, Cindicator Coin will allocate 20% of the funds to the portfolios managed by the Hybrid Intelligence.

The potential gain from this portfolio is used to buy the CND tokens on the exchanges and distribute those tokens to the forecasters in proportion to their rating, accuracy, and participation over a period of time.

There are two uses for the CND tokens:

Holding CND

Each owner of a CND token will have access to Cindicator’s indicators, indices, data, services, information and analysis products. Examples of access include:

  • Indicators for traditional markets and crypto markets.
  • Auxiliary service products for the trade (telegram and slack bots, notifier, and portfolio monitoring products).
  • Analytical products (ICO ratings, market analysis, due diligence ICO, and investment​ portfolio analysis).
  • Market indicators generated by hybrid intelligence.

The degree of access and available products and tools depend on the number of tokens available to each owner, which in turn, depends on the level of active participation in the ecosystem.


The company has prominent, well-known partners and investors, all of whom tend to play a positive role in pricing the token and the project.

It is important to note that the project has already been implemented and the tokens have been designed to improve the quality of the platform and its evolution.

Therefore, this project is an excellent tool in the hands of investors, which will be even more useful in the future (a positive thing in the long run).

The limited $15 million fundraising was relatively low and the interest in Cindicator coin was enormous.

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