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Centra Coin

Centra Coin Not a Currency, But a Payment System!

Centra Coin isn’t a separate single digital currency, but a complete payment system. It supports numerous popular digital currencies and is also the most common real means of payment. Centra Coin uses a prepaid card to combine the world of digital currencies with normal trade. The use of Centra Coin is also completely free of charge!

How Can I Use Centra Coin?

The first thing to do is register on the website. You must first create a new account and then download a wallet. It also supports mobile apps through the App Store and Google Play. You can also apply for the Centra Card.

This prepaid card can be used at over 36 million locations worldwide. The credit of this card can be easily charged via the wallet. The digital currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Centra tokens (CTR), DASH, Litecoin, Zcash and Monero are all accepted.

The Centra Card works in the same way as a conventional prepaid credit card. It is available at different rates in the three versions: blue, gold and black. All versions are accepted worldwide wherever there is a Mastercard sign. In addition, a 24-hour customer care and a mobile app can be used. Toll-free use and special security settings are also included.

What is Centra Tech?

Centra Coin was designed by the Centra Tech company which was launched in November 2017. The company is based in Miami, Florida in the USA. Centra Tech has a strong social media presence including Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. Of course, reachability by mail and phone is a given.

Eight contact persons covering various areas are listed on the website, and they can be contacted by mail, Twitter or Linkedin. Centra Tech has partnerships with Hyperledger, The Bitcoin Foundation, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, BitGo, Nice Actimize, The Linux Foundation and Nper.

What Else Does Centra Tech Offer?

In addition to the wallet and the Centra Card, Centra Tech has many other things to offer an interested visitor. There is technical and customer support, and a blog with the latest information. In addition, you will find numerous videos with explanations, reports and news.

The offer will also be expanded to include an online market in the future. Similar to eBay and Amazon, goods will be sold and bought free-of-charge via cryptocurrency. A digital exchange market is also planned for this fledgeling company along with other other innovations.

Statistics are Everything!

Centra Coin currently occupies 171st place in a popular ranking system. The Centra Coin is traded on the Binance, HIT BTC, Live Coin, Cryptopia,, Ether Delta and Okex stock exchanges. Its price is currently 1.60 US dollars. Centra’s market capital amounts to $108,613,680, while the daily volume is $3,195,810.

Conclusion: Centra Tech is Great!

Centra Tech creates a realistic connection between normal trading and the most common cryptocurrencies with the Centra Card. Basically, this particular model is completely free. These are two approaches that are not only new but also appealing to almost all target groups.

The possibility of loading different digital currencies in the digital wallet is also attractive. You can thus avoid an often risky commitment to just one cryptocurrency. This is a nice idea that certainly has a future and is also scalable. Its acceptance in connection with the Mastercard further legitimizes the scheme.

The prospective online trading exchange certainly looks appealing, provided it can establish itself and compete realistically with Amazon and eBay.”

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