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BlueCoin – a cryptocurrency with character

BlueCoin is one of many cryptocurrences – but what makes this one unique? Since the overwhelming success of Dogecoin, it has become clear that a huge factor in the success of a coin can certainly be its character.

This includes the message that it should communicate, and a common thread that is maintained at each step and can be easily recognized from the outside. In the case of BlueCoin, this is the target market.

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The fact that part of its name refers to the associated Bluetooth technology should help. In addition to well-known specifications of the blockchain, Bluetooth mobile devices can be effectively used by this coin.

The goal, in the long run, is to offer an alternative, offline payment option through BlueCoin. The wallet should connect with the existing in-store station via Bluetooth. The actual payment process should be completed within a few seconds.

Optimized payment transactions through classic cryptocurrency

It’s a P2P network based on the proof-of-stake scheme and proof-of-work. Within this framework, a total of 50,000 coins will be mined. Only then does the activation of PoS occur, which is not a hybrid.

Until that time, it is, of course, possible to mine the coin through different pools. This is followed by annual inflation of 5 percent. Although this does not mean exclusivity, investors also have a chance of earning interest. Your own account balance does not lose value.

Three percent of all coins were introduced as part of a première.

The source code of BlueCoin has been specialized to the extent that it cannot be changed. It is not, therefore, an open source software. Despite everything, a decentralized administration will take place.

If you want to own BlueCoin, you can trade them on the common platforms. The most popular are Livecoin and YoBit.

Transactions are completed at lightning speed

The developers provide special wallets. If these are used, the computer service is automatically provided by the service provider. This allows developers to ensure that a transfer is completed in just one minute. Users often report timings of just 30 seconds.

This is also where the annual interest rate is based. So far, the developers have found a way to make use of the BlueCoin so attractive that activity is always present. Ultimately, this has also meant that the price has increased since June 2017. Although there have been minor fluctuations, these are relatively normal, considering that this is an actively traded currency.

Taking it to the next level: BlueCoin goes mobile!

The fact that BlueCoin accesses Bluetooth mobile terminals also means that an above-average amount of resources is spent on making a mobile client available. In addition to this, there is a plan to bring different apps onto the market.

These could help with shopping; for example, an app for price comparison. It would also be conceivable to have a service that promptly lists current coupons and discounts. This would offer attractive opportunities for companies and service providers. At the same time, further applications could be realized from advertising deals.

Possible confusion because of its name

There are already plenty of cryptocurrencies whose name refers to a particular color of the rainbow. There is usually some connection with the color and the name of the currency. In the case of BlueCoin, it might be assumed that this digital currency has something to do with water or the oceans.

Confusion might also arise because of cryptocurrencies with very similar names. There is a cryptocurrency, for example, that actually bears the same name and is abbreviated to the ticker BLU.

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