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Blocknet Coin

Blocknet Coin and Blocknet Technology

Blocknet Coin is based on XBridge, the first peer-to-peer protocol that nodes from different blockchains can interact with. This is an open source platform that is implemented into every application that uses Blocknet technology.

It allows you to connect a number of open services, both decentralized and centralized. Blocknet Coin is a revolutionary innovation in cryptography technology: a peer-to-peer protocol that connects nodes of different blockchains.

In general, Blocknet is a protocol that links multiple Altcoins together. In fact, it is a decentralized exchange provider that supports the exchange of coins represented within the system.

How Blocknet Works

Imagine your phone has an application that is Blocknet-enabled. This can be a general application, such as a browser, or a single-purpose application, such as an NFC payment app.

Your application connects directly to other applications on your phones and other computers. You can provide different services, depending on which Blockchain they are connected to.

Your application is also in a blockchain, and it automatically transfers that microservice to applications in another blockchain.

You use the application because you want to use a traditional application, with the exception that no central object has your data and there are no servers to crack.

The network infrastructure is financed by the users, and the cryptography is very, very strong. This is the internet as we’ve always wanted it.

The Blocknet Fund

Blocknet Coin is based on XBridge, the first peer-to-peer protocol that allows communication between nodes in different blockchains. It is open source and Blocknet support is implemented into every application.

This is the property that connects a number of open services, both decentralized and centralized.

Currently, XBridge is being developed; inter-node communication has been successfully installed and the decentralized exchange of digital tokens is currently being tested.

Once completed, it will be an important part of the Blocknet application platform. It will quickly and significantly simplify the development of decentralized applications.

The Platform

Blocknet Coin (BLOCK) is a blockchain-neutral distributed platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

It offers a revolutionary enhancement of cryptographic technology; a true peer-to-peer protocol that connects nodes with different blockchains.

This is the basis of a technology package that includes an API and an application platform. It provides the environment for unlimited application capabilities and significantly reduces development time.

Blockchains Change the Rules of the Game

They allow you to apply a distributed consensus to almost anything. They enable the security and stability of a new generation network.

Blockchains are an order of magnitude that can be more efficient than traditional infrastructure projects. In short, blockchains are a revolutionary technology.

The focus is on the integration of blockchains into the network, although no blockchains can handle the burden of preserving and maintaining the data of humanity.

There is already a wide range of technologies on separate, isolated blockchains. Together, they can realize the extremely groundbreaking strength of a decentralized internet – if you let them work together.


Cryptocurrency projects will see a significant increase in user base and potential profit by joining Blocknet. Their technologies as services can work in any other blockchain or traditional network.

Blocknet Coin has no central or base currency and, therefore, is an open Interteam infrastructure that can be spread as widely as the internet itself.

Blockchains have revolutionary potential, but if this potential is to be realized, they’ll need three main features: interoperability, mobility, and modularity.


There will never be just a blockchain. Without the interoperability between blockchains, they remain in a state similar to that of a local computer network that is disconnected from the internet.

The blockchains should exist in a common space. Blocknet Coin offers this space.


Blockchains increase in size indefinitely, which is why the most popular of blockchains have a limited lifecycle of prevalent mobile usage.

Your storage requirements will inevitably become too high for premium mobile devices. One simple solution is that large blockchains provide their services to mobile applications that use small blockchains.


Data on the blockchain cannot be deleted, but most of it quickly loses relevance or usefulness. To avoid having to append terabytes of obsolete data, you should store different types of data in different blockchains.

They can then be archived, copied, or replaced without affecting other data. In the design of blockchain, Blocknet supports the microservice approach.

With Blocknet, you can provide a multi-blockchain service for devices that contain only a blockchain. This preserves your device and network resources, and it enables a flexible, mobile, and infinitely expandable future.

An Example

Imagine you have an application on your phone that’s supported by Blocknet. This can either be a general application, such as a browser, or a special application, such as an application for NFC payments.

Your application connects directly to other applications on phones or computers that can provide different services, depending on which entity they are on.

Your application is also on a particular blockchain that automatically sends a particular microservice to applications in a different blockchain.


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