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Blackmoon Crypto Coin

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Blackmoon Crypto Coin – a cryptocurrency for the real world

The Blackmoon Crypto Coin platform is backed by the Blackmoon company, part of the Irish Blackmoon Financial Group. The company, focused entirely on financial technologies, was founded in 2014 by Oleg Seydak and Ilya Perekopsky.

Gradually, the two founders have strengthened themselves and their company with top-flight personnel. The lead team consists of seven individuals, each of whom is a recognized specialist in their respective field. The coin of the Blackmoon platform carries the abbreviation BMC. Owners of BMC coins can become platform contributors.

A contributor is someone who takes on tasks relevant to the development or maintenance of the platform. In return, these contributors receive a share of all tokens that operate on the platform. In addition, participants have the right to participate in “Member’s Only” discussions in the forum.

These discussions relate to both strategic planning and the future development of the platform. It’s also possible for individuals to become involved as investment managers. In order to manage the platform funds, however, a fixed number of BMC tokens is required as a form of deposit.

Here, the founders of Blackmoon Crypto Coin have installed a way to promote loyalty. This allows for longer-term commitment from contributors before far-reaching fund decisions can be made.

Blackmoon Crypto Coin – the vision behind the platform

Blackmoon has a very clear and simple vision for its own platform. The vision is to offer a new standard of coin-based investment opportunities with BMC. These should close the gap between the worlds of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Fiat currencies are the kind introduced administratively by governments, and include the likes of the dollar and euro. Investment options are widely diversified and range from technology and infrastructure to corporate structures. This is why the founders of Blackmoon aspire to be the one-stop solution for investment opportunists.

Token-based funds can and should be created and managed here. Partnerships with external investments add their expertise to the technological knowledge of the platform operators. Close cooperation with lawyers, investment managers and financial authorities builds a bridge between traditional investment and the blockchain environment.

All this is done in an extremely transparent manner and in compliance with the relevant legal regulations. The Blackmoon administrators even go so far as to redefine the benchmark for crypto-based investment funds. The token-based funds serve as an investment vehicle that can be used in traditional investments.

Blackmoon Crypto Coin – goals and aims

Interestingly, the aim of Blackmoon is to eliminate some key disadvantages of other blockchains and token-based investments. Often the lack of variability of token-based investments is criticized. In addition, it seems difficult for crypto-based currencies to follow existing or future regulations.

The lack of any standards is a problem that Blackmoon has recognized and wants to solve. An industry-wide standard should therefore be achieved. The basis of this standard is that it should be completely irrelevant whether it’s a conventional currency or crypto investment.

Uniting both worlds is the great strength of Blackmoon Crypto. In any case, it’s worth observing this develop further in the future. An important criterion will also be to what extent respective investments remain transparent. Investment funds should no longer be perceived as black boxes.

Rather, each investment can be tracked and monitored for performance. It’s therefore easier to call investment managers to account if need be. All of this is great news for those dealing in the financial world, particularly investors.

Blackmoon Crypto Coin – facts and figures

Blackmoon Crypto Coin is currently ranked number 371 against other cryptocurrencies. The price of a token is 0.813089 US dollars, with a slight upward trend of 2.99 percent. The total supply for the Blackmoon token amounts to 60 billion units. There are currently 20,941,493 BMC tokens in circulation. This results in a market coverage of 17,027,235 US dollars or 1,942 Bitcoins.

For the same sum, we get 19,712 Ethereum (ETH). The daily turnover of the Blackmoon token is estimated at 409,942 US dollars. BMC is traded on the HitBTC, Liqui, Bancor Network, EtherDelta, Tidex and Qryptos markets. Approximately 98 percent of total trade takes place in the HitBTC and Liqui markets.

Blackmoon Crypto Coin – in conclusion

Blackmoon is positioned to become the industry standard for smooth, token-based investments. Technology advantages and management expertise will help to achieve this ambition. Market stability is to be achieved with variance and variability.

Contrary to pure fiat investments, the combination of old-fashioned money and cryptocurrency is supposed to create more investment opportunities. At the same time, this will increase efficiency. The possibility of being able to bring in one's own expertise as a financial and fund manager opens the door for specialists.

Financial knowledge can easily be used here, as Blackmoon with its token-based platform sets the framework for the game. In addition, Blackmoon allows knowledge and experience to be brought in from outside.

This opening creates potential, which will have a positive impact on the Blackmoon platform in the long term. Overall, this is an ambitious project with the best prerequisites for drawing the financial world's attention to cryptocurrencies in the long term.

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