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Bitcoin SV starts the week with an upward trend

Bitcoin SV remains in focus

After Craig Wright announced last week that he had received the private keys to the billion-dollar “Tulip Trust III”, the tide changed abruptly in the following days. Many experts now assume that Wright is bluffing. The Bitcoin SV course apparently does not seem to be bothered by this assumption. With a price increase of almost 20 percent, the Bitcoin Fork confirms the trend from the previous week and delivers a strong performance on Monday. We take a look at the market.

Bitcoin SV in detail

Due to the spectacular news in the process of the Kleiman inheritance, the BSV share price doubled last week and moved up to position 4 on the crypto charts. Currently, the price stands at around 307 US dollars. This corresponds to a daily increase of approx. 18 %. The market capitalization of approx. 5.6 billion USD makes Bitcoin SV rank 5th in the cryptocharts.

BSV remains explosive

If you want to understand the BSV run, you should first take a look at the history of the volatile crypto market. Again and again, dazzling or curious personalities caused course explosions out of nowhere. Charlie Lee, Justin Sun and Da Hongfei were able to electrify their followers for various reasons. Vitalik Buterin is considered a software and blockchain genius who pushed Ethereum to a new level. The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright splits the opinions of crypto-followers like no other at the moment. This creates FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), some investors think they might miss the next bull run. Other investors are aware of the hype and triggers and take advantage of the strong price jumps. However, the extent to which the price rally relates to the fundamentals remains very questionable.

Bitcoin runs sideways

Bitcoin is experiencing a quiet start to the week and is still trading at around 8670 USD. The stubborn 9000 USD limit was not attacked on Monday and the 24 hour volume (approx. 28 billion USD) fell by almost 10 percent. With a market cap of approx. 157.6 billion USD, “digital gold” accounts for 65.9 % of the total market capitalisation. After the high price jumps of the Bitcoin Forks, experts speculated last week about a comeback of the Altcoins, but that is not what it looks like at the moment.

Dash + 10 %

The Privacy Coin Dash confirms the upward trend of the last few days with a weekly start of +10 percent. This further reduces the gap to the coveted Top 10. In the Top 50, only Dash and Bitcoin SV can record a double-digit percentage increase.

Peter Schiff loses access

The well-known Bitcoin opponent Peter Schiff has apparently lost access to donated Bitcoin units. Via Twitter the gold advocate made the following statement: “I have just lost all the Bitcoin I have ever owned. My wallet has been corrupted somehow and my password is no longer valid. So now my Bitcoins are not only worthless in themselves; they have no market value anymore. I knew owning Bitcoin was a bad idea. I just never realized it was so bad”. Schiff has been a vehement opponent of Bitcoin for years.

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