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Bitcoin Currency Exchange

What´s a Bitcoin Currency Exchange?

The term Bitcoin Currency Exchange does not seem to fit modern cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The simple possibility, however, of exchanging the non-centrally generated Bitcoins in a conventional exchange office is in fashion.

These exchange offices buy and sell Bitcoins at fixed prices in the same way as any other currency. One of the best-known exchanges is Coinimal in Vienna. Coinimal offers the exchange of Bitcoins to euros and other currencies within minutes.

Customers can choose between various financial transfer channels, as Coinimal works with different international payment service providers.

As with many service providers in the worldwide network of cryptocurrencies, the bureaux de change levy a small additional charge. This is needed to provide the services.

Anonymous trading on the Bitcoin market

Many Bitcoin bureaux de change allow their customers to buy and sell Bitcoins anonymously on a small scale. Of course, this influences the Bitcoin Currency Exchange.

Basically, buyers and sellers need an external wallet in which the Bitcoins are stored. Like their predecessors, the Bitcoin bureaux de change do not offer an account or financial guidance in the classical sense.

A major advantage of trading in a bureau de change is the real-time processing of purchases and sales. Unlike many other online marketplaces, the bureaux de change are not intermediaries, offering only a trading platform.

They are free companies that act according to the economic criteria of the Bitcoin market. Therefore, the holders of Bitcoin exchange offices regularly act as buyers on the international market themselves – this is so that they can always make enough Bitcoins available for sale.

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