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Agoras Token Coins

Agoras Token Coins – a cryptocurrency that raises a few questions

Agoras Token Coins are cryptocurrencies. At some point or other, most traders who’ve dealt with cryptocurrencies and crypto technology have encountered the Deep Web. However, even beyond these ranks, the term “agora” is a familiar one.

Agora was one of the largest platforms in the world where contraband and illicit substances were trafficked. After in-depth investigations, it was decided that it would be taken offline, as early as 2015. It’s thus not surprising that Agoras Token Coins has raised more than a few eyebrows due to its name.

Repeatedly, rumors arise regarding various connections between Agora and the emergence of Agoras Token Coins. None of these connections has ever been confirmed.

Due to the fact that there is a lot of hype about this cryptocurrency, some fake sites have appeared over time. These fraudulent sites try to make a profit under the guise of a misleading name. If you’re concerned about falling foul of a fraudulent site, the BitcoinTalk forum lists all pages that you cannot trust.

Hefty ambitions that are hard to explain

The roadmap and white paper provided by the developers reveals that the overall concept behind Agoras Token Coins are difficult to explain. The basis is a special programming language product called Tau-Chain. All the knowledge that has ever existed through a programming language is to be united in it.

It is a general blockchain, which should be able to contain several anchor points on different levels. As such, it can transport independent data sets in one line. This means that it could become a global data pool in the long run.

Large-scale ICO

There are 42 million Agoras Token Coins already in circulation, as part of an initial coin offering. These are all the coins that will be available from this currency. It is therefore not possible to mine them. Only one action is possible.

Of the 42 million overall coins, 3 percent of this amount is initially reserved for developers to finance the development of Agoras Token Coins. This also includes third-party partners who finance the project.

There are plans in place to increase the value of this currency by 5 percent per month.

The difference between Agoras Token Coins and Bitcoin

Both in official reports and in various blogs and magazines, similarities between Bitcoins and Agoras Token Coins are often cited. The reason for this is that the two cryptocurrencies are technically very similar.

The developers of Agoras Coin, however, want to distance themselves from Bitcoin. According to the developers, the greatest strength and clearest difference is the community – in particular, the lively activity of that community.

By actively trading, the value of Agoras Coin increases. As a result, it will become more attractive for newcomers to cryptocurrency who are yet to join the community.

The developers don’t intend for Agoras Token Coins’ name to enter common usage. Rather, it’s the name Tau-Chain that is intended to gain increased prominence. This is strongly suggestive of long-term plans and impending developments for this innovative technology.

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