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Wings Coin

Introduction on Wings Coin

The goal of Wings Coins is to encourage users around the world to make joint decisions about the course and future of projects. The implementation of these projects should be made possible through the intelligence and analysis of all users. The Wings Coin owners evaluate all proposed projects according to different criteria of feasibility and the potential of the idea.

Wings Coin by the numbers

As of January 30, 2018, the market capital of Wings Coin was $89,999,885 and the circulating offer amounted to $89,708,333. The daily trading volume was $3,986,360 and the total offer amounted to $100,000,000. Wings Coin landed at 192nd place in’s mineable coins ranking.

What is Wings Coin?

The Wings platform makes it possible for its users to participate in the management of a decentralized autonomous organization. The idea of this platform is based on a mix of standard DAO governance, crowdfunding and marketing predictions.

The goal of Wings is to gather the expertise and the experience of the whole world in order to evaluate new projects for suitability, and to ultimately make them a reality.

Special chatbots allow users to interact with each other easily, which means that they do not communicate via traditional web services, but via apps such as Facebook Chat, Slack or Telegram. The language barriers of the different nations are soon to be remedied by a specially developed artificial intelligence. In this way, the worldwide interaction is simplified.

Wings Coin, like many other cryptocurrencies, has the Ethereum platform as its foundation. The coding language used is called Solidity and the Rootstock implementation is used for the artificial contracts. The users of Wings do not need knowledge about the functioning of the cryptocurrency.

The mobile version and the web version are user-friendly and self-explanatory. Wings is very committed to bringing the languages of all nations into this system, making it easy to understand for everyone. Bots can then be used in their own native language.

The incentive of Wings is that, as soon as the project becomes successful, the users who have evaluated and promoted the project receive a certain number of tokens.

Since the platform is decentralized, it is possible to retrieve quality forecasts and expertise from around the world. Wings tokens can be purchased on many exchanges, such as Gatecoin, Livecoin, Liqui or similar.

What is this type of cryptocurrency used for?

Fundamentally, Wings Coins are used to pre-check and professionally analyze future and newly developed projects. Project developers submit their own ideas and suggestions to the Wings platform.

Conventional crowdfunding offers benefits to investors in a project – Wings acts on a different level and instead gives them a share in the form of Wings Coins for investment in the project. Through these acquired shares, investors have the right to influence future decisions concerning this project. They will also participate in future profits through a smart contract process.

Decisions are made based on forecast markets, risk assessments and profit calculations. Projects that do not seem feasible can be directly throttled at this point. However, the project itself is not only evaluated in this process but also the developers behind it. Trustworthiness and professionalism are very important criteria in this regard.

Developers of new projects have extended possibilities offered by this innovative system to make their project profitable. Solutions for possible errors and suggestions for improvement can be incorporated directly in this way and positively influence the project.

Even projects without potential can be stopped directly, to counteract an undue loss of money. Collaborative work and clear communication play an essential role in this process.

Who is behind Wings Coin?

Wings Coin was founded by an expert team from Russia and is led by Stas Oskin. He has decades of experience in engineering and management, and has been equally successful in developing social projects. The blockchain engineer Boris Popov also works as a consultant for Lisk, a very successful blockchain project developed by a student from Aachen.

Other members of the company are Serguei Popov, Anton Bilyk and Artem Gorbachev. Together, they successfully run the Wings project and lead the full development and commercialization of this cryptocurrency.


Wings is revolutionizing its users by empowering crowdfunders to reinforce potential projects and provide meaningful feedback. No other DAO technology allows users such interaction between project planners and investors. Experts also have the opportunity to participate in new projects that are perfectly tailored to their skills and experience.

The price of Wings Coin rose slightly from March 2017 to December 2017. In January 2018, Wings Coin experienced a strong upturn, which, however, fell back slightly after a short time.

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