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Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise?

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Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise?

The Question of all questions round about cryptocurrences is probably: Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise? Hardly any recent investment has paid off as much as Bitcoin.

Launched as an alternative to the euro, the dollar, and the franc, this cryptocurrency has become a top-tier investment in a relatively short time. It was only a few years ago when a coin was available for just a few US cents.

Today, more than 15,000 US dollars have already been offered. With the rapid increase in the price, the number of shops that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment has also grown.

Anonymous transactions, government independence, and low inflation risk are just a few of the benefits of this cryptocurrency. Today, the stock of Bitcoins is relatively evenly distributed.

Whether Asia, the Middle East, Europe or North America; on every continent there are people who use Bitcoin for transactions and/or as a traditional investment. The success achieved can be quite impressive.

In press reports, it has been speculated again and again that the first “Bitcoin billionaires” have already been made. Without a doubt, this cryptocurrency has already turned many investors into millionaires.

The blockchain concept, which has contributed to the success of Bitcoin, has been replicated many times. The decentralized storage of data also makes the money very secure. Bitcoin is therefore ideal for sensitive transactions.


Bitcoin and the Question of all Questions

Many potential investors are, above all, concerned with one question: Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise?

One thing can be said with one hundred percent certainty, and it’s that there is no definitive answer to will Bitcoin continue to increase in value.

However, there are indications of further price gains. First, there is the growing distrust of many citizens in their governments. If this stays at a high level or even increases, Bitcoin will ultimately profit from it because Bitcoin can be considered a direct alternative to currencies like the euro or the dollar.

It is not issued by a central bank but is mined within a set framework. This ensures a certain value stability. If people distrust their state, they rely on such alternatives. Since purchasing gold is probably more difficult, Bitcoin is the more likely choice.

The relatively low prevalence to date also reflects the possibility of rising prices. For example, today the vast majority of Germans do not yet use cryptocurrencies. Althoug they do disciuss the theme – Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise.

The more Bitcoin works its way into the consciousness of the population, the better for the long term. In fact, it is already nearing integration into retail outlets. In this way, the answer to the question of whether Bitcoin prices will continue to rise can only be “most likely”.

What Does Development Depend On?

If Bitcoin value continues to rise it will depend on a wide range of factors. In the end, however, it is the same with almost all investments: the demand for Bitcoins must exceed the supply so that prices rise.

Since the number of Bitcoins is limited by the developers, the chances are good. The development of other cryptocurrencies also has an influence on the price of Bitcoin. Competition is known to stimulate business.

If the Bitcoin can retain its supremacy, it should continue to gain in value. On the other hand, if it loses market share, it will be far more difficult. Also, worth noting is how Bitcoin is traded on international stock exchanges.

So far, buying and selling are done either directly or via special Bitcoin trading venues. Transactions on the Wall Street or Frankfurt Stock Exchange would provide for a significantly larger volume. In addition, this would mean a simplification of the purchase for private investors.

Today, at least some expertise is needed to acquire Bitcoins and keep them in an e-wallet. The first step towards greater dissemination has already been made; in the meantime, so-called Bitcoin futures are being offered on the major stock exchanges.

They allow for speculation on the future of the crypto field. As you see, there are several opinions on the question – Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise.


The Opinions of Financial Experts

Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise? This question is not only on the minds of public and private investors but also many financial experts.

Although some of them are quite divided in their views, the general consensus is that Bitcoin prices will continue to rise in the near future. They make their predictions based on the fact that many people have not yet heard of cryptocurrency.

Market prices are always dependent on the matter of awareness of a product. On the stock market, equities do not usually start until the majority of people know the company; it’s possible that is also the case with Bitcoin.

The already significant leaps it has made would have been only the beginning. Time and again, experts point out that boom phases in the markets can last a very long time. Periods of 15 years are not uncommon. By contrast, Bitcoin has only been on the rise for around 8 years.

Nonetheless, users need to be able to withstand a short-term price reset, at which point it’s important not to panic. The biggest mistake that investors can make is to sell in times of falling prices, becuase of the question “Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise”.

The better alternative is to wait until the price per coin rises again. But does this also necerrarily mean, Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise?

Will the Bitcoin Rate Continue to Rise?

Time for a final assessment of the question, “Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise?”. Though this cannot be answered with absolute certainty, the chances are good.

In a time of zero interest rates, a lack of investment opportunities and an increasing distrust of governments, Bitcoin offers attractive opportunities as both a secure means of payment and as an investment.

The past shows that exorbitantly high price gains are possible if the awareness of Bitcoin increases. Ultimately, the well-known principle of supply and demand decides.

These are the expert´s advices abot the dilemma, Will the value of Bitcoin continue to rise.


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