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When is Ethereum 2.0 coming?

Start date should be fixed

ETH 2.0 developer Justin Drake comments in a Reddit AMA (Ask me anything) on the schedule of ETH 2.0 as follows “I am sure that we will start in 2020”. For years, supporters have been waiting for the change from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. However, the launch has been postponed several times in the past.

Ethereum 2.0 still in the 2nd quarter?

As the AMA progresses, Drake adds: “Phase 0 will certainly start in 2020. The audits are over and the test networks are getting stronger every week. I don’t see any reality where Phase 0 will not start in 2020” It is quite possible that the launch will fall on Ethereum’s fifth anniversary, June 30, 2020.

Highlight 2020

Ethereum 2.0, also known as Serenity, is meeting with high expectations. The switch could be in direct correlation to a possible Altcoin Season. However, the Bitcoin Halving Event, the Libra project and the TON launch are further highlights in the crypto year 2020.

Ethereum course in detail

This week, investors pumped over USD 5 billion into the ETH Zurich share price. The share price is currently valued at around 225 USD. With the bull market continuing, it could not be long before ETH is approaching the 250 USD range. The Altcoins were able to regain important market shares this week. The BTC Dominance Index stands at an annual low of 63.5%. Many investors remember only too fondly the start of 2018. Within a few days the Bitcoin dominance fell from approx. 60% to approx. 30% and countless Altcoins subsequently reached a new all-time high.

Bitcoin still ahead of 10000 USD limit

The Bitcoin exceeds the resistance at 9800 USD at the time of the article. This is considered to be the last major hurdle before the magic 10000 USD limit. The total market capitalization also breaks through the 280 billion USD mark. New money flows into the market and the bull run is mentioned in numerous mainstream media. At the moment, there are many indicators that the psychologically valuable barrier is about to be broken.

Bitcoin SV with enormous price increase

Bitcoin SV can report a price jump of about 16% on Saturday. Bitcoin Forks are more popular than ever. The Litecoin passes Tether with a tag plus of about 3% and now ranks 6th in the cryptocharts. In the top 50, the KickToken attracts attention with a tag gain of over 115 %. The volatility has been back in the crypto space for weeks.

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