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Weekend start: Coins fall!

Bitcoin falls easily

The Bitcoin is unable to continue yesterday’s bull run for the time being and falls back to a price of around 9300 USD. The 24-hour volume (BTC) is still over 30 billion USD. The current pullback could turn out to be a short-term snapshot, considering the trend of recent weeks. We take a look at the current events.

Bitcoin dominance unchanged

Investors continue to focus on the No.1 crypto currency. This is illustrated by a BTC Dominance Index of 66.2 %. After Bitcoin has recorded a price increase of over 30% since the beginning of the year, we are seeing a dump of about 2% on Friday. First of all, in the past 24 hours, there was much to suggest an attack on the magic 10000 USD limit. With an interim high of around USD 9530, the BTC climbed to a 3-month high. However, this trend line could not be confirmed.

Ethereum and Co.

The Altcoins follow the Bitcoin on Friday and have to take slight setbacks. Ethereum has been hovering around the 180 USD mark since yesterday, and the market cap is only just below 20 billion USD. During the course of the day, news circulated through the cryptospace industry, suggesting a timely launch of “Ethereum 2.0”. In an interview, the chairman of the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said that the long-awaited launch could take place very soon.

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV with problems

The Bitcoin Forks suffer the biggest pullback in the top 10, and on Thursday the Bitcoin Cash network needed a full 5 hours to find the next block. The background is still unclear at this point in time, but a delay in these spheres is causing uncertainty among investors. In the daily chart this means a downward trend of about 6%. Bitcoin SV is hit even harder (approx. -10 %).

Top performer on Friday

In the top 50, ICON achieved the best performance of the past 24 hours with a daily increase of about 20%. Lisk (ca. + 11 %), Ontology (ca. + 7 %) and NEM (ca. + 6 %) are among the few coins that swim against the current on Friday.

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