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Voxels Coin

Voxels Coin – Virtual reality and digital currency in one package

Voxels Coin is a cryptocurrency based on Voxelus. Voxelus is a platform whose theme is virtual reality. Here, relevant games or objects can be created, traded or used, employing a concept much like a games library.

Virtual reality also extends to multiplayer functionality in real time, with players either competing or working together. However, this requires special hardware in the form of a pair of VR glasses. Compatible models include the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR.

No programming skills are now necessary to create games and virtual worlds. This can be done just by experimenting with a range of free materials. On the Voxelus website, various 3D elements and similar items can be easily acquired or borrowed.

These can then be made available immediately in the so-called creator app used for editing and developing VR games. The site also contains details of unwanted items for sale. This platform contains everything needed to create your own virtual reality and to share it with others.

Voxels Coin: the currency

Voxel Coin is used as a means of payment for the trading of games and game elements. This cryptocurrency is essentially based on digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. There is now a free, downloadable digital wallet available online, which supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

After upgrading to the latest version, there is a two-minute check to provide an extra layer of security. This means that all transactions are rechecked by experts before closing confirmation. It’s only after this inspection that Voxels are released.

There are 210 million Voxel Coins in existence, and the mining fee for transactions is 0.1 (Voxel Coin). In addition, it is also possible to obtain the Voxel blockchain as a direct download.

A partnership with other dealers

The substantial Voxel offer is further extended through a partnership with This online marketplace also deals in 3D content, but does not use a digital currency. This collaboration with Voxelus has made another 7,000 elements are available. These items include graphics, images, models, animated characters and environments.

The foundation behind Voxels Coin

The Voxels Coin Foundation is based in the UK, where Martin Repetto is CEO and chairman of the Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to promote the use of this cryptocurrency. This goal is to be achieved through the expansion of what is currently available.

Planned additions include a variety of networks, games, virtual reality platforms and more providers of entertainment content. The material will, of course, be enhanced by new collaborations with advertisers and brands. These new facilities will also be aimed at universities.

Furthermore, new groups will be launched worldwide to cater for enthusiastic people interested in the world of virtual reality. There are currently 5 million Voxels earmarked for this purpose, and another 10 million will follow in the coming years.

Awards will be distributed to achieve these goals, so developers will get a million dollars in the first year. There is up to $100,000 available to develop non-entertainment programs, with another $50,000 available for new social concepts.

The foundation also supports the organization of annual developer and programmer conferences. In conclusion, the founders of the Voxel Coin seek to link two exciting and innovative digital industries together – their reason for doing this is to reach a broader number of users.

Voxels Coin: a few numbers

Voxels Coin has been around since April 2016. Its market capital is $69,730,920. In addition, it currently achieves a daily trading volume of $28,141,700. Voxel digital coins can now be purchased for $0.33. This cryptocurrency is traded on the Bittrex, Livecoin, Brave New Coin, Coin Exchange and Shape Shift digital exchanges.

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