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Unpermissioned Ledger

What does Unpermissioned Ledger mean?

An unpermissioned ledger does not require approval by private or social institutions. This means that an account cannot be permanently monitored and controlled by any bank or tax office.

This ledger is managed jointly by all participants. In this way, everyone can become a participant, as is usual with blockchains of cryptocurrencies. This approach forms the basis of all financial transactions in the digital currency world.

The necessary computing power is provided by the miners during mining, or used jointly in pool mining with rented hardware. For this purpose, the miners receive a certain amount in the respective cryptocurrency.

Advantages and disadvantages of the unpermissioned ledger

The advantage of this type of ledger is anonymity. No one can control and monitor transfers of money directly. This is unlike national currencies, such as the euro or US dollar.

However, these transactions are public and cannot be directly attributed to a person immediately. The disadvantage lies in the fact that nobody takes the lead. There are therefore no bank guarantees, since there is no formal bank in this sector.

The bank itself is completely replaced by the common blockchain and personal wallets. As such, there are no obvious problems with purely personal use. The only thing that needs to be underscored is that any profits made have to be stated in tax returns.

Whoever uses cryptocurrencies for business purposes should observe the rules of proper accounting.

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