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Uniswap course explodes after listing on Binance and Coinbase Pro

How do cryptos start the weekend?

Uniswap determines the headlines for the weekend start. With a respectable course explosion the DeFi-Coin knocks at the door of the Top 30. At the same time the Bitcoin can proclaim an important trend line as reliable support. We are approaching an eventful crypto-weekend. But one after the other…

Uniswap + 100 %

Uniswap continues the outstanding performance of the previous day and celebrates a 127% increase in the share price on Friday. More and more investors rely on the highly decentralized financial structure behind Uniswap. The project acts as an independent platform, a decentralized dApp from the DeFi sector. Here, users can exchange ERC-20 tokens for each other through smart contracts without having to rely on a “third party”. With the UNI Token, the project is venturing into new waters.

Why is the UNI course exploding?

The token launch is supported by major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase Pro. In addition to these optimal conditions, the UNI Token hits the nerve of the time. The hype surrounding decentralized financial markets is reminiscent of the ICO madness of 2017. Furthermore, the Uniswap platform has been able to shine with its uncomplicated operation and low fees, resulting in a vote of confidence in the token.

UNI Token course current

At the time of writing, UNI ranks 32nd in the crypto charts with a market cap of USD 603 billion. The price is USD 6.23, which corresponds to a daily increase of 126.96%. In terms of volume, no other coin is traded on Binance to a similar extent during these hours.

Attention to fake giveaways

Just in time for the listing, fake giveaways Youtube, Reddit and Co. flood the Internet. Dubious “crypto-experts” lure you with uniswap air drops of up to 500 coin units. This problem is well known in the crypto space, but nevertheless it still catches especially new users again and again. So watch out!

Bitcoin maintains level at the weekend start

Good news for the Bitcoin friends among us. The market leader is quoted at 10882 USD on Friday, which corresponds to a daily gain of 0.44%. Even after several ricochets the bulls are still attacking the important 11000 USD limit. In the past 48 hours, they were able to rely on the support at 10800 USD again and again. In addition, the BTC Dominance Index rises to a value of 57.3 %. The leading crypto currency wins important market shares.

A look at the Altcoins

Most alternative assets are currently looking at the first mover. In the top 10, NBB puts the best performance on the crypto floor with a price gain of 4.07%. Chainlink is threatening to fall below the important USD 10 mark after a price slide of 3.30 % (current price: USD 10.45). Further down the line, coins such as NEO (+ 16.35 %), TRON (+ 6.94 %) and VeChain (+ 13.06 %) could attract attention.

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