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Tron Coin

What is a Tron Coin?

Tron Coin is a cryptocurrency. A new, successful coin has recently appeared on the cryptocurrency market. Tron, with the abbreviation TRX, offers a modern system for the worldwide entertainment market.

This new platform allows users to transfer texts, images and videos to the blockchain. User information is retrieved and protected by a well-structured network.
The platform aims to create a free world with an independent and secure Internet.

This should be made possible with the protection of privacy and the uncontrolled and uninhibited dissemination of self-selected, digital media. Tron’s background is to defy the classic Internet, which is controlled and no longer free. Tron offers a very safe and user-friendly experience that is accessible to everyone.

Tron Coin By Numbers – as of 26.01.2018

The current market capitalization of Tron Coins is $4,128,440,777 and the circulating amount currently totals 65,748,192,476 TRX. The daily trading volume is $330,373,000 and the total supply of coins is 100,000,000,000 TRX. Tron Coins ranked 14th in’s mineable coin ratings.

What is Tron Coin in detail?

The Tron Coin is based on the blockchain and is a decentralized cryptocurrency. The token is based on the ERC-20 token standard. Coins can be distributed and traded within the network via this token.

Tron wants to make it possible for every user in this particular network to be free to store, own and publish their data. The aim is to be completely decentralized. Each user has the right to decide for themselves what they want to publish, and the media to remain private.

The Tron network is designed to create a new digital entertainment world in which gambling, streaming services and even social networks can be freely used.

Tron coins should also act as a new economic system, which makes direct communication between provider and user possible. All media should be free of charge. In this way, no costs are incurred for either providers or users, unlike the present situation in any public provider. Amazon and eBay, for example, charge certain fees for hiring or selling and restrict the market.

Toll-free trading is very practical and trustworthy, especially for sceptical newbies. Users are given ownership of their data, which is not possible on the classic World Wide Web. In addition, Tron offers rewards to all network supporters in the form of TRX. Tron coins can be purchased after registration, for example, at Binance.

What is This Type of Cryptocurrency Used For?

The Tron Coin aims to create a free, global content entertainment system with a distributed storage system. The core idea of the Tron Coin lies in online gaming.

Free games are usually not completely free. Although no registration fee or monthly costs are required, real money must often be invested in order to play successfully. This money is used to buy an in-game currency that allows you to acquire visual character adaptations, special buffs, boosters or similar items.

If another game is played after a while, the coins purchased via bank transfer or credit card on the game account are unaffected.

Tron Coins would allow you to convert and transfer the currency so that the balance can be transferred to any game. This would be very appealing to gamers and children.

Who is the Face Behind Tron Coins?

The Tron Coin was launched in China by a 27-year-old engineering genius named Justin Sun, who studied in Pennsylvania, USA and has an excellent command of English as a result. His first success was with “”Peiwo,”” a social networking app used by 10 million in China. An implementation of Tron into this existing app is already in the testing phase and has generated very positive feedback.

In 2013, Sun already held the position of Chief Representative in Greater China with Ripple. He has also received several awards, including one from Forbes Magazine.

The goal of Tron is to counteract the loss of personal information on today’s Internet. Originally, the Internet was designed as a decentralized platform on which anyone could publish free content. Today, however, this free web is very heavily controlled and restricted by states and companies.

Tron wants to bring back the original idea of the World Wide Web with the creation of a free content entertainment system where everyone can control their own data. This system will be made available to everyone on the blockchain and subject to the highest level of security and privacy.


Since December 2017, the TRX has recorded a significant increase in the stock exchange. The value of the Tron Coin has subsequently risen by more than 2% and rarely fluctuates. Tron Coin seems to have a promising future. The integration into the developer’s Peiwo app could also provide a huge boost to the price. With over 10 million users, this app offers a very wide range of potential users of the TRX.

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