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Triggers Coin

Triggers Coin enables intelligent weapons on a blockchain

Triggers Coin is a cryptocurrency based on the Blocksafe entwork. Blocksafe, the first system based on the intelligent weapons blockchain, announced the launch of a new project to restrict access to weapons. Blocksafe launched a preliminary sale of new crypto tokens called Triggers Coin (TRIG).

The platform and technology

Triggers Coin tokens use the Lisk sidechain technology and can be bought or sold on the Bittrex exchange. As written in the announcement of the project, Blocksafe will allow Triggers Coin to work with intelligent weapons technologies, including weapons, locks and other equipment. Additional equipment that allows you to work with Triggers Coin can be ordered or printed on a 3D printer.

A decentralized database is created for the smart weapons technology. It will allow owners to protect weapons and limit the number of people who have access to them. Owners of weapons can turn them off in the event of theft, preventing the use of weapons by children or thieves.

Strong arguments for weapon security

What is this technology for?

Blocksafe creates an infrastructure to make weapons smart and the environment anonymous and safe.

Who can invest in this technology?

Anyone who understands that this technology is important for use in the real world. The “blockchain of things” and its practical implementation make it possible to maintain a variety of intelligent weapon management applications that enhance the quality of self-defense and security.

Who is the target audience?

Everyone can be the target audience of the company. Weapons security advocates are the ones who see the lamentable consequences of weapons getting into the hands of children or abused by the machinations of criminal street gangs.

The intellectual devices are appreciated by self-advocates. Some of its many features include locking the firearm when an unauthorized person attempts to fire a stolen weapon, and determining the location of the weapon when stolen.

How can technology change the lives of gun owners?

Triggers Coin will open the door for 3D printing and the production of hardware tools that will create new security solutions. A 3D print enthusiast can create a device that automatically emulates a cartridge or a sensor that can correct the shots, depending on the strength and direction of the wind.

All data is displayed on the smartphone. The Blocksafe network is a smart device infrastructure that does not have a centralized node and that puts all control of the device on the owner’s side.

The project leader hopes users will recognize the use and potential of the Blocksafe technology. They strive to create an infrastructure to protect people and participate in technology development. Of the 100 million Triggers that can exist, 30 million Triggers Coin tokens have been pre-sold.

The preliminary sale started on August 25 and lasted for 28 days. Buyers who placed an order on the first day received a 20 percent bonus on their purchase.

The token

The Triggers Coin token is a blockchain technology from Blocksafe that is fairly new and is on the rise in the cryptocurrency market, as it provides a secure way of handling weapons using the most secure encryption methods.

The smart guns have a form of embedded technology that prevents unauthorized people from firing weapons. Blocksafe provides enhanced security and privacy for any type of hardware or gun technology. If an unauthorized person attempts to use this type of weapon within the Blocksafe network, the owner is notified by the network via his smartphone.

However, these weapons are quite controversial in the arms industry and gun lovers believe that this security technology is unreliable. Triggers (TRIG) tokens store data in the blockchain, which means that the smart gun technology can work with locks, magazines and other forms of manufactured hardware.

The blockchain market for weapons

According to statistics, the blockchain market will reach US$2.3 billion by 2021, with many opting for this form of currency and self-defense mechanism. The idea of TRIG was taken up to improve the security and the self-defense options of the users of intelligent weapons.

In conclusion, Blocksafe’s main objective was to create intelligent weapons technology for security purposes. As far as Triggers are concerned, this is a technology that handles a token that is used to run the economy of the BlocksafeSmartgun technology network.

In addition, users control every event that takes place between a number of smart devices – be it a smartphone or a laptop – participating in the Blocksafe network. The motto of Blocksafe is that security is a human right and should not be denied to anyone.


The advantage of BlockSafe is that this technology offers full anonymity to users of this service and ensures that smart gun technology reaches its full potential. As controversial as this technology may sound to some, it is a safe choice for others.

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