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Top 5 Coins on Friday

Bitcoin Forks

A turbulent Friday is coming to an end. While Bitcoin is climbing over the important 8000 USD mark in some places, the Bitcoin Forks in particular are attracting attention. But also other Altcoins are jumping out of the shadow of the No.1 crypto currency. We take a look at the top performers of the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV shows an upward trend of about 30% on Friday. Thus, the coin ranks on position 8 of the crypto charts. One unit is currently traded at a price of about 150 USD. With a market cap of approx. USD 2.7 billion, Bitcoin SV even attacks EOS in position 7 (approx. USD 2.7 billion).

Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Forks are causing a lot of excitement at the crypto market on Friday. Bitcoin Cash jumps to fourth place among all crypto currencies with an upward trend of about 10%. The current exchange rate is around 259 USD and the lead over the Stable Coin Tether continues to grow.


Dash is shining this week with positive news. Bitcoin Suisse now offers a Dash Staking program that allows users to bypass a master node. The amount of stored dash tokens is irrelevant for the user, there is no entry barrier. The annual yield should be around 6%. Staking programs have been in vogue for several months. More and more exchanges are offering this function to their users. On Friday the Privacy Coin can register an increase of about 10 %. Currently Dash ranks 22nd in the crypto charts with a market cap of about USD 515 million.

Synthetix Network Token

The Synthetix Network Token is one of the top performers on Friday with a daily increase of about 17%. The coin is based on the Ethereum block chain and has shown an ROI of over 100% since its launch. Synths are tokens that provide exposure to assets such as gold, Bitcoin, U.S. dollars, TESLA and AAPL within the Ethereum block chain. Currently, one coin unit is traded at a price of USD 1.05.


The best known Bitcoin forc can register a plus of about 7% on Friday. The current price stands at 47.62 USD, the market cap is just under 3 billion USD. Thus the “digital silver” continues to rank 6th among the crypto currencies.

Bitcoin with slight increase

The No.1 crypto currency is wrestling with the 8000 USD limit. This was initially exceeded on Friday, but this was not enough for a permanent confirmation. The Bitcoin Dominance Index is still at a high level of 68.2%. All Altcoins share the remaining market share.

Altcoin predominantly in the plus

Most Altcoin courses increase on Friday. Ethereum climbs by more than 3%, Ripple by about 2%. Only Stellar and Tezos are in the red in the Top 20. Today should give the Altcoin friends courage for the weekend. After a long time these assets are jumping out of the Bitcoin shadow again. Whether this is only a snapshot remains to be seen.

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