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These cryotos are currently on fire!

Top 4 performers

Troubled times are affecting the global economy, while Bitcoin is delivering an impressive performance. After the recent bull run, the #1 crypto currency is consolidating at the USD 7600 mark on Sunday. The pending halving could now create a unique hype. However, it is noticeable in the run-up that the alternative assets are gaining ground and recapturing important market shares. 4 Altcoins are moving into the spotlight. We take a look at the interesting technologies.


Tezos is the new number 1 when it comes to staking. No crypto currency has more staking investors than XTZ. Staking is the process of supporting a crypto network by storing coins. Users can store their coin holdings on a wallet and thus achieve a return on investment. Tezos works with various exchanges (including Kraken, Binance and Coinbase) to promote its own staking program. With success: With a market cap of just under USD 2 billion, Tezos is a permanent fixture in the top 10 crypto charts. The price per XTZ is currently USD 2.80.


The Stellar Network continues to grow. In the past 7 days, Stellar (XLM) has posted a record price gain of over 15%. Stellar was founded in 2014 by Jed McCaleb and promotes a transaction system for various assets. By using the Stellar platform, transactions are to be executed faster and, above all, more cost-effectively. The transaction costs are less than one cent. After the upward trend, the ripple fork is about to jump into the coveted Top 10.


Ethereum was able to profit from the Bitcoin’s upswing this week and is now scratching the USD 200 mark. Should the bulls sustainably bridge this resistance in the coming hours, a fast rise would be quite conceivable. The next targets are USD 206 and USD 211. Given the current situation, the wait for “Ethereum 2.0” could be considerably longer. However, the current situation is playing into the hands of the “Smart Contract” coin.


Cardano (ADA) puts the strongest performance of all Top 20 Coins on the crypto parquet on Sunday. With a price increase of a whopping 9%, the decentralised platform has serious claims to a top 10 place. The market capitalization is approximately USD 1.1 billion.
At the time of writing, ADA is trading at a price of USD 0.045. After breaking through the long-term resistance at USD 0.036, the price could no longer hold. If the bulls maintain control, even a rapid jump above the USD 0.05 mark would be conceivable.

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