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These coins perform the best!

Top performer

Most crypto courses have a remarkable uptrend on Wednesday. Bitcoin even managed to jump over the 9500 USD mark. Meanwhile, the Altcoins are fighting back important market shares. We take a look at the top performers in the top 50 of the crypto charts.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is celebrating its highest increase in the top 10 with a daily gain of approx. 13%, and the BTC Fork is currently trading at a price of USD 430. Last week, reports about irregular block times caused confusion. Thus the highest distance, between two dug blocks, amounted to whole 5 hours. The problems seem to be resolved at the moment and BCH is moving towards a new high for the year. The market cap is around USD 8 billion. This puts Bitcoin Cash securely in 4th position in the crypto charts.

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV caused a sensation in the crypto space in the still young year 2019. Craig Wright, himself a BSV supporter, is considered one of the most bizarre people in the blockchain business. The self-styled Satoshi Nakamoto, for example, claimed that he had access to the billion-dollar “Tulip Trust III”. As a result, the BSV share price skyrocketed by over 100%. Investors witnessed the volatility of the crypto market this year as well. After the successful hard-fork (on 03.02.2020) several media reported today that Wright would conceal illegal documents from the court. However, this news had no negative impact on the share price, on the contrary. With a daily increase of about 12% Bitcoin SV is still one of the top performers in the market today. With a price of about 301 USD, the coin currently ranks on position 5 of the crypto charts.


With a share price increase of approx. 11%, Tezos is making serious claims to a top 10 position. The race for the coveted place is closer than ever at the moment. Cardano, Tezos, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Stellar and TRON are currently at a similar market capitalization level.

Dash and Zcash

Dash (approx. + 10 %) and Zcash (approx. + 11 %) show with strong increases how great the interest in Privacy Coins is. Anonymity is one of the cornerstones of the cryptospace. Time and again, scams and scandals shake investor confidence. Dash and Zcash, often notorious as “darknet currencies”, focus on the privacy of users.

Lisk the No. 1 on Wednesday

Lisk conjures up the best performance on the crypto floor with a price increase of approx. 19 %. The Swiss coin currently ranks 42nd with a market capitalization of approximately USD 170 million.

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