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These Altcoins were the ones that coped best with the bloodbath

Bitcoin over 17000 USD

The bulls can win the showdown at the 17000 USD mark and thus raise hopes for a new Bull Run. In view of the high volatility, a new all time high could even be possible if the upward trend continues. At the same time, the alternative assets could recover from the devastating price drops of the previous days. We look at the assets that are performing best today.

Bitcoin price in detail

The No.1 crypto currency currently stands at a rate of 17744 USD, which corresponds to a daily increase of 5.62%. Accordingly, the bulls can initially confirm the jump over the 17000 USD mark. In addition, a trading volume of approx. 32 billion USD indicates the great interest of investors. The “digital gold” has recovered from the aftershocks of the “OKEx” dump and the bears are taking off. Are we now seeing the long-awaited attack on the magical USD 20000 mark?

These are the limits that will be important in the next few hours

From a bullish perspective, the next resistances are at USD 17800, USD 18200 (where the 50 day EMA is located) and USD 18400. Quite a few experts see Thursday’s reset as a healthy and necessary correction. However, many investors were rudely reminded that the high volatility is a double-edged sword. As such, the bearish perspective is likely to shift to the support lines at $17000 and $17000.

Altcoins make up ground

At the time of this article, the BTC Dominance Index is 61.8%. According to this index, there are approximately USD 329 billion, while alternative assets have a market share of approximately USD 203 billion. Although the balance of power in crypto-space is clearly defined, the Altcoins can capture important shares on Saturday. We are looking at the most promising price increases.

Cardano puts dump away easily

Cardano, the “Blockchain of the third generation”, will conjure up an absolutely brilliant performance on Saturday on the crypto parquet. With a share price increase of + 21.27%, ADA not only manages to jump to position 5, but also the biggest daily gain in the Top 100, putting the Ethereum competitor at Thursday’s level, an impressive recovery.

XRP confirms Performancenace

XRP climbs + 16.78% on Saturday Thus the “Bitcoin of the banks” stands at a rate of 0.63 USD at present. For months many experts attested Ripple an underperformance. The recent tripling of the share price shows the project’s potential.

Dash again over 100 USD

With a share price increase of + 15.60 %, the Privacy Coin Dash again surpassed the important USD 100 mark. Dash is currently quoted at USD 104.32 and has a market cap of USD 1.03 billion.

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