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The big Getnode FAQ

Getnode FAQ

Getnode everything at a glance

We at Coin Report have been following the Masternode pool provider Getnode for almost 2 years now. Now, the Masternode Club announced that it had already reached a size of 2000 Bitcoin. This should make Getnode one of the largest Masternode providers in the world.

Over the time, we at Coin Report have received repeated inquiries about various topics from interested parties, as well as from members. At times, we also have the feeling that some participants have not really understood their investment 100%.

We have already written a lot of articles about Getnode, but we would like to clarify the subject with this post. It is not only about questions around the Masternode Club, but also in connection with our own Getnode reviews.

What is Getnode?

Getnode is a masternode investment club which allows its members to participate in masternode earnings. Getnode offers private masternodes in addition to the masternode pool.

How does Getnode invest my money?

The Euros you deposit will be exchanged for Bitcoin. If you deposit in Bitcoin, this logically does not have to happen. Your deposited Bitcoin value now describes your percentage share in the Masternode pool. The Bitcoin are now exchanged into different Masternode Coins and connected to Masternode servers. Their current earnings are then distributed to you every 14 days depending on your pool share.

How can I make a deposit at Getnode?

The deposit at Getnode is possible with Euro and Bitcoin. If desired, investments can also be repeated over and over again. The provider also offers a reinvest function for this purpose.

How long is my Getnode deposit locked?

The purchased pool share must remain on deposit with the provider for at least 180 days. The reason for this lies in the nature of masternodes. The coins are also tied up in masternodes and are not liquid. If the pool share is liquidated, the provider must liquidate Masternodes and exchange the bound Altcoins for Bitcoin again.

Will I definitely get my money back after 180 days with Getnode?

Unfortunately, we are often asked this question and it reveals a misunderstanding. The answer is no! After the 180 days have expired, you can ask Getnode for your pool value. Your pool share in Bitcoin has been invested in Masternode Coins. These Coins change their value every second. At the time of your request after 180 days, Getnode will determine the residual value of your current pool share. This may be higher or lower than the amount you deposited. Always rather assume a lower pool value for Masternode investments.

This information is part of the trade secret of the Masternode club. This is not a deliberate lack of transparency, but a protection of investments. If it becomes known that Getnode wants to buy a specific masternode, speculators could drive up the price of this masternode. At the same time, attempts could be made to negatively influence the price of a masternode coin in order to harm Getnode.

Is Getnode reputable?

In our eyes, Getnode is a reputable provider. According to our possibilities, we could convince ourselves of the operation of the masternodes at the provider. Of course, there are also many risks in the crypto market. Starting from the Masternode Coins to hacking attempts. As a general rule, never invest more money than you are willing to lose. With every withdrawal, the risk of a total loss decreases.

What are the returns at Getnode?

No one can answer this question honestly. Our reviews only reflect the past. The development in the crypto sector is so fast, everything can change from one day to the next. In addition to the exchange rate risk, there are also risks with regards to regulation. Please do not orientate yourself according to the returns of our test reports.

Do I have control over my coins at Getnode?

No! The Bitcoin you invest are tied to the provider for a period of 180 days in the form of Masternode Coins. At the end of the term, there is no guarantee of a residual value of your investment in the form of Bitcoin. Depending on the development on the Masternode market, your investment will be worth more or less if you buy back the Bitcoin by selling off the Masternode Coins.

Should I set a 100% Reinvest on Getnode?

We ourselves have not set a 100% Reinvest. We have our earnings paid out automatically every 14 days and wait for our “return on investment”. The effect of balancing the pool value is of course a valid point of argumentation, but for us it involves too much risk. In the end, it is and remains your personal decision.

Why use Getnode and not operate your own masternodes?

The advantage of Getnode is the diversification into hundreds of different masternodes. Large masternode coins are often hardly affordable for a single person. For example, a DASH masternode costs tens of thousands of dollars. With Getnode, you have a stake in several of these expensive masternodes.

What does Poolnode have to do with Getnode?

In a way, Poolnode is the little brother of Getnode. With Poolnode, you can invest as little as 0.015 BTC, while you have to invest at least 0.2 BTC or 1,000 euros with Getnode. For the lower entry price with the same effort for the provider at Poolnode, the masternode pool Poolnode takes 10% more fees. With Getnode 25% of the earnings are deducted, with Poolnode 35%.

Who should not invest in Getnode?

If you do not understand the purpose of masternodes and the technical concept of your investment, then we strongly advise against investing in Getnode. Sometimes you have to make a realistic market assessment when asking for payout of your pool share or when dealing with your earnings. Here, even selling your bitcoin earnings, for example, can make a big difference in the outcome of your investment.

How many employees work at Getnode?

According to the company, Getnode’s team consists of 15 people. However, the team also includes external service providers.

Can I earn Bitcoin by referring Getnode?

Yes, this is possible through Getnode’s affiliate program. However, you will only earn a proportionate share of the earnings from the members you refer, not from their deposits. Please note, the mediation of Getnode can be a commercial activity and may require a business registration. Please inform yourself at your trade or tax office regarding this possibility.

Why do Getnode’s earnings fluctuate?

The returns from the block rewards of the masternodes vary depending on the competition, the exchange rate and the current market situation. Due to these circumstances, guaranteed and consistent payouts are not possible with a reputable provider in this market.

How long does an activation take at Getnode?

After your deposit the activation will take up to 10 days. The purchased Masternode Coins have to be deposited in Masternodes. Partially, the activation of these Masternodes at the corresponding networks also takes up to a week. The 10 days will ensure that you do not illegally reduce the earnings of already invested members.

Is Getnode a SCAM?

In our experience, SCAMs exist only for a few months. SCAMS usually only pretend to provide a service and do not actually perform it. The managers of SCAMs usually do not write their name in the imprint. The persons acting at Getnode are personally known to us and we were able to check the existence of the masternodes several times. If someone is not satisfied with the results at Getnode or with the residual value of his pool share, then the company is not automatically a SCAM. Every investor should be aware of the risks described in this FAQ.

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