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Stratis Coin

Stratis Coin – the first development platform for blockchains

Stratis Coin last reached a strong peak in mid-January 2018. At the time, the value of a coin reached $21.21. Most of the price fluctuations are very strong, but since May 2017, the value has not fallen below one US dollar. It now benefits from a daily trading volume of up to $5 million.

The tracker of the coin is STRAT, but this digital currency is usually called Stratis by its users.

In addition to the in-house cryptocurrency, the developers provide various programs and applications. Through this, an independent blockchain can be developed. The programming language is set to C ++, C # and the Bitcoin nodes. It’s clear that Stratis Coin is in the hands of very experienced developers.

The possible use of private blockchains

The procedure described above enables users of the community to store the specially generated blockchains on their own Stratis platform. An API connection provides access to a cloud – this makes the data accessible from anywhere.

Stratis is an open-source software based on the proof-of-stake algorithm. This removes individual blocks within the blockchain. This process allows users to earn their coins. Since either CPU or GPU performance can be applied, Stratis could even be mined via a mobile handheld device, such as a tablet.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to access a PC here, since its power supply is better suited for long-term operation.

The entire currency is based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. This not only results in a decentralized managing but also avoids double bookings of transactions.

Stratis Coin is available on various platforms, led by LiteBit and AnycoinDirect. It is also available on Bittrex, Cryptopia and HitBTC. As a rule, an exchange takes place using Bitcoin. Some of these exchange platforms also accept fiat money or payments via the service provider PayPal, but this is becoming increasingly rare.

Important information about mining Stratis Coin

Wallets are available for the Windows, Raspberry Pi and macOS operating systems. A mobile wallet is also available and can be found in the Google Play Store.

A block can be abraded within a minute and credit of a STRAT quickly occurs. This appears on your own account within a few seconds of completion and is visible at any time in the wallet.

In order to achieve a higher profit, you can either join mining pools or become involved in the process of staking. The different pools can be found directly on the official website of the coin. The hardware performance of all individual pool users contributes to the mining.

This means that this process is especially beneficial to those who have weaker hardware. The only disadvantage of staking is the fact that struck coins are not usable, so they can’t be sent or used in the payment process.

Who developed Stratis Coin?

Behind Stratis Coin is a company that is active worldwide. The headquarters of Stratis Group Ltd. is in the UK, and they have offices in Asia, Europe and America. As mentioned in the beginning, the Stratis cryptocurrency is not their only project.

The company is primarily concerned with improving business processes and making related programs more flexible. Since this is often associated with high pressure, it is not surprising that the Stratis Coin seems to be highly developed.

Chris Trew is the founder of Stratis Group. He has been interested in different IT areas for more than 10 years. Over time, he has sourced important team members who combine their expertise. It is possible to contact the team via email or Twitter.

International activity also has an effect on Stratis Coin

The fact that the Stratis Group operates internationally can be seen in the usage of the coin. There are many different languages, ranging from German and Russian to Hindi. A big focus is on giving users a great experience in terms of usability.

Important processes within the wallet should be easy to find and mining should be comparatively easy. In this respect, beginners in the IT field and even newcomers to the crypto world often struggle, but not in the case of Stratis.

Guides are available to help them understand what a blockchain is and what mining is all about. The fact that the official website offers mainly textual information also has an impact on this. Abbreviated technical specifications are missing – even in the BitcoinTalk forum.

Nevertheless, it is possible for an experienced user to use their own programming skills. Stratis, therefore, creates a difficult balancing act between two worlds. It’s a cryptocurrency that can be obtained through simpler access.

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