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Status Coin

What exactly is Status Coin?

Status Coin is a cryptocurrency, and therefore represents an alternative method of payment. Today, the coin is particularly used on the dApp platform, which in turn is part of the company Status. The geographical roots of Status Coin lie in the Swiss Confederation.

Similar to the country itself, this currency stands for security, down-to-earthness and success. Bitcoin, the pioneer of this sector, has led the way, and Status Coin similarly relies on the blockchain. This digital chain stores data so that only the client of a transaction and their counterpart have access to it.

This provider’s blockchain is based on that of Ethereum and offers maximum security. Cryptocurrency is already very popular among all age groups, and experts almost unanimously agree that coins will soon replace traditional currencies.

After all, crypto money is anonymous, very safe and ideal for international transactions. It can be used for global payments without bothering with conversions. If you believe the rumors, negotiations are already going on in the background with online stores.

In the course of this, it should be a given that Status Coin is also recognized outside of its platform as a means of payment. It is not inconceivable that crypto money will soon enjoy a similar ranking in the financial system as gold and the US dollar does today.

Reasons to invest in this cryptocurrency

Apart from its advantages as a means of payment, Status Coin primarily scores as a promising investment. Similar to other currencies, investors hope for long-term and high returns. There is almost no doubt that these can be achieved.

After all, cryptocurrencies have seen an incredible boom in recent years. An end to this bull market seems far from over. This is also to do with the fact that the money fulfils an actual purpose and is not just a speculative object.

A look at the size of available euros and dollars reveals one thing: there is still plenty of room for improvement for cryptocurrencies in general and Status Coin in particular. The risk of inflation is relatively low, which is mainly due to the artificial shortage of coins.

This is achieved with an aggravation of the mining process. After a while, creating new coins becomes de facto impossible. The timing of this stage depends decisively on the respective currency. Status Coin will probably peak in a few years. The best time, from an investment point of view, begins after all the coins have been issued.

What is the market capitalization of Status Coin?

To get an idea of the importance of cryptocurrency, it is worth looking at the so-called market capitalization. Experts understand this term to be the sum of available coins times the current market price. In the case of Status Coin, this value is currently around $100 million.

For a relatively young cryptocurrency, this is very impressive. Perhaps more importantly, a volume of around $2 million of these coins is traded daily. Its status is, therefore, of a very liquid currency. The large trading volume facilitates the purchase and sale of coins at almost any time.

This value is also a good indicator of popularity among the population. The past shows that popular cryptocurrencies outperform others. In the case of Status Coin, the zenith of the boom is far from over. Despite constant growth in value, other currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are currently at a much higher price level.

As a coin based on open source, Status is accessible to virtually all private investors. If its acceptance among investors rises, then further online stores will probably be open to accepting this currency. This, in turn, makes the replacement of other means of payment by cryptocurrency more likely.

What features are offered to the investor?

The integration into the dApp platform makes this cryptocurrency particularly attractive to investors. The developers also have their own eWallet in their range. In addition to Status Coin, you can also send, receive and, of course, store other cryptocurrencies. Coin management has never been so easy.

You don’t even need to have a basic knowledge of this industry. Even absolute amateurs can perform the desired transactions in a matter of seconds. Other businesses on the dApp platform include the purchase of insurance and the distribution of music.

These areas will be considerably simplified and made more efficient. Transparency is top of the list for developers – users can see at a glance what they have recently purchased and effectively manage their money, and decentralization is the order of the day.

The available services are designed so that there is no central storage of data – this means that it is virtually impossible to gain unauthorized access to it. This not only affects cybercriminals and hackers but also, for example, government agencies. Status Coin can be described as one of the safest means of payment of all. It is 100 percent digital and extremely flexible in use.

A summary of the properties of the coin

Status Coin combines the characteristics of Swiss security and quality with the advantages of digital money. Coins worth about $2 million are traded day after day, achieving a total capitalization of around 50 times that value. A major advantage of this currency is its integration into the digital dApp platform.

Among other things, users expect a smart search engine, transparent insurance and last but not least, innovative money management. Between all these functions, Status Coin offers a secure and anonymous means of payment. Incidentally, Status Coin is becoming very popular as a means of payment.

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