Posted on: 16. April 2018

Sniper Wallet

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What is a sniper wallet?

A sniper wallet is a digital wallet used to store cryptocurrencies. The special thing about this wallet is its speed — that is, all transactions are executed very fast.

This particular wallet is not just a wallet, but a fast-working bank at the same time — sniper wallets contain personal codes that allow you to connect with other wallets through the blockchain and securely handle financial transactions.

This system is far superior to any national bank, and banks are now considering integrating such technology into the national banking system.

How does a sniper wallet work?

This technology uses software that preempts the transaction. The waiting transactions are thus overtaken and the financial transaction is executed ahead of the others.

This comes with a higher fee payable, similar to the express parcel service. There are already wallets where the user can increase these fees themselves, thus speeding up the transfer of funds.

Fast wallets are becoming more and more important, especially in the business sector. Reliability and speed create confidence in the financial industry. If that was not the case, nobody would accept Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Trust in Bitcoin has ultimately increased its value rapidly.

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